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  1. It'll probably be patched soon *eats cookie, walks away*
  2. Ah fair enough man, the cookie is still here btw:woop:
  3. That wasn't how I did it, but there is a glitch for that? O.o
  4. And I don't even have the DLC. How did I do it? First to get it right gets a cookie.
  5. I am taking your former glory and am planning on doing the skate 3 guide :). If you wanna help like I helped you please do :) Add me as a friend on LIVE also so we can play together and figure stuff out ;)

  6. i dunno man, im mad busy with other things nowdays... might do though, if i get the time and can rent it, cause moneys short too D:

  7. Hope you're planning to do a Skate 3 achievement guide :). Your S.2 one was awesome!

  8. Well, I've looked at the character sillouettes and title screen for TM: R and worked out the new characters are: Barry Burton Excella Gionne That Josh Guy Rebecca Chambers Chris (Warrior and Heavy Metal) Sheva (Tutor & Fairytale) Shit to be honest... They shouldn't of had Chris/Sheva in there at all. It should of been Jack Krauser Rebecca Chambers Barry Burton Carlos Olivia Albert Wesker Clair Redfield Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong... Just my thoughts, but yano... Am not a happy man, Capcom!
  9. Ah well, Bioware are extremely dedicated to Dragon Age so I'm sure they will release a patch very soon.
  10. It must be a glitch because at the beginning they started to sparkle the second they hit the floor now they dont...
  11. Ok guys, i do not know if anybody else has this glitch but it is annoying the hell out of me. Basically, when i kill an enemy i have to run away and come back in order to be able to loot its corpse. This isnt because im in combat or anything, it simply doesnt sparkle to show it has loot, instead i have to run away and come back. It started in the Elf forest when i was looking for the Juggernaught Armor with the Revenants... If you know how to fix this, or can think of any ways to suggest, please tell me. Thanks.
  12. Got it last Thursday, so far i have 345, 34/50 Achievements.
  13. Damn, do you actually own the cars in game or are you going through choosing cars in Arcade? Either way i have to give you Kudos for the simply flawless taste in cars, WheeZzy.
  14. Thats what you get for playing Halo, that game fills you up with extreme amounts of pseudo skill. Ha, just kidding yea man i know exactly what you mean but all you gotta do is get your momentum up to S then hammerwhip one out of the ring and climb the ladder, as soon as you do make sure the one you didnt hammerwhip is in a position to climb as well, give em the superplex and climb up and try and get the case/belt. Now the other lamb to the slaughter will climb up as soon as he does use your finisher on him to superplex him out of the ring, now grab the belt, may have to do this twice though.
  15. http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2307/37603268.jpg
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