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  1. STILL looking to do the bells achievement after x amount of months
  2. Still looking to do the bells achievement and worm hard raid
  3. Looking to get the bells achievement done ASAP message me
  4. Looking to boost tier one achievement I'm on most nights gear lvl is 240
  5. Looking to boost imprecation quest, will help out on any other quest for anyone who helps
  6. Can someone help me with the hmmmmm achievement and the make it raid achievement Please pm me
  7. Yeah I prefer ranged just don't know what skills to focus on an what 10 perks to get an were to spend my points, Gonna take it slow and not rush into wasting an points on ones I don't need
  8. Am about to try hard core so I'm wondering what will be best What class? What powers to focus on? What stats to focus on? On my normal play through I went with thaumaturge which I enjoyed but died alot
  9. After just completing the game the Unfulmigator achievement glitches. Guess ill wait for a patch to wait for a free before going through hard core
  10. So far loving this game had some good glitches and some bad Dec mission glitched Wisp achievement glitched but in my favour I only spoke to 2 an it popped My main problem is with the amount times the game keeps crashing while playing in co op
  11. So I been trying to get this challenge for 3 days now I had multiple saviours get gravelly ill but no mission to shoot them? They even gotten better even without medical station I followed the guide and nothing is happening. If I go to to finish all challenges in the other then once I finish can I start a new game without losing all my characters? And get the achievement to pop
  12. Hi I play every day my code is c235
  13. Yeah that code, well for EU it was a Xbox download code
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