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  1. Weapon changes were definitely a factor, leaving a few of my favorite scenarios out (Tian Shui, Nanman) was also disappointing. They also did an overhaul on some characters and erased a couple (Jiang Wei, Pang De).
  2. Do not, I repeat, do not buy DW6 as your first game in the series. They changed a lot of things that made the past installments my favorite games. A really good one is DW5, and I've heard that they did a good job on DW7 (haven't played it yet), the Empires games are a little dull and repetitive. As for SW, in my opinion, all of them are good.
  3. Old as hell, but still helped! Thanks so much for doing this, it took me around 7 or 8 tries, but I had never even gotten to Sunday before.
  4. If anyone still needs these achievements, hit me up!!
  5. CienPR

    Online passes.

    Nice argument, bro! Don't we all wish it was all that easy? If you're not directly affected by something, then surely you don't need to say anything, even if it's wrong... Nah, we should probably wait 'til it affects us and then whine. It's the principle of the matter, they said they wouldn't do something and they did it either way.
  6. The new ones I get are always sealed :/
  7. The biggest issue seems to be the price at which they buy games from you, but you could simply sell them on ebay or amazon for near retail price. Other than that, the constant heckling to reserve a game or join their Power Up program, however not all Gamestops will pester you (mostly depends on manager). It's true that they treat their employees like crap, but since they have piles and piles of applications they can afford to do it. Anyways, I like the convenience it provides when I want to pick up an old used game just for the heck of it and only have to pay $3~$5, and as many have said, their used game policy is awesome; if you don't like it (or bought it for easy achievements ) return it and get your money back.
  8. Finally finished Chaos mode! All that's left to do id grind almost everyone to lvl 50
  9. If you still need someone for the online achievements, let me know!
  10. You're doing God's work, son... trololol Troll on, brotherman!
  11. It's an official Transfer Cable. I've tried it all, but there is no prompt to start a transfer or anything.
  12. Hi all, Just recently bought a Data Transfer cable so I could pass along all my gamesaves, music, pics, backgrounds, etc. from my old Xbox (old white model) to my new Slim. I should probably add that my old Xbox has RRoD so it won't work. Anyway, the instructions say that there should be a prompt just when the cable is connected to the Xbox, but there isn't. I've checked in Storage under System Settings, but no luck. It only shows the new HDD and Cloud. I tried turning it on and off, signing in and out, connecting and disconnecting the cable from both the Xbox and the old hard drive, with no luck at all. I'm currently in queue to chat with Xbox support, but I thought I'd give it a try here. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! P.S. Should mention that the old Xbox hasn't been used in quite a while, though no damage has come to it. Don't know if this affects it in any way.
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