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  1. I got the belts this past week and paid nothing. They are a good group of guys. Stop talking about points and play them legit and get your one time shot at the achievement and stop messaging them 500 times a day. Oh yeah did I mention there really good at the game. Good Luck
  2. Way to go Xero congrats on your 100K. Its been a while since I've talked you and I'm very greatful for everything you've help me with in the past. 200K bound
  3. Just bought the game if any is interested in doing the online send me a message.
  4. When I enter my gamertag in persona it says tag already in use. Any help
  5. All you do is play another windows live game. Make sure you get one achievement in the game your playing. I did it with Tinker. Then sign out of your current game. After that load up waldo and go to your save file. Once on your saved game your achievement should unlock again. I was missing the 180 stars. Sign back into live on your 360 and check your games and you will have your achievement. May take a minute or two to transfer to your 360. All credit goes to Stallion83 thnxs Hope this helps =
  6. It freezes every five races for me.
  7. Great guide I got everything done but crack shot. No big deal i'm going back to complete it know.
  8. You are my new bestfriend nmg82. Great idea on moving your save to the memory card.
  9. You may call this game gay. But i call it amazing. After playing for two hours i haved accoured 600 gamerscore. You do the math.
  10. I just got the online achievement so they are still up.
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