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    I'm Steve, I don't play quite as many games as I like these days with work and all that.
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  1. Hey, looking to play online on xbox one, i'm not the best player, i'm just looking to play with a full team of people I can get on with and just have a laugh, GT - Bl00dbath101 feel free to hmu
  2. Sorry for the late response. I finally got all the cheevies in Metro. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask me. ^_^

  3. No problem buddy, i'm also working on a truth nugget guide, but I have work sooo i'm not sure how much i'll get done :/
  4. Just to let you know, the For maximum damage achievement (the one for killing someone through the hole in the shield) can actually be obtained as early as level 2, after you drop down into the second down area and you do the shooting QTE, there's a shielder that comes right at you, you can pop him through the hole and grab the achieve. Hope this helps , EDIT : Oh and as a side note, the achievement For Massive Damage, is only worth 10g
  5. I second this, it's the only achievement i'm missing, and it's becoming really frustrating, so a guide would be beautiful right about now
  6. Need any metro help, feel free to send me a message on here or xbl :)

  7. As far as I can tell, as long as you don't finish the chapter it won't count against shadow ranger, but i'd really advise on leaving anything clean-up related until after shadow ranger, just to save yourself a lot of frustration
  8. I can confirm that you can indeed reload a checkpoint/restart level and unlock the achievement still, the problem being is I don't really understand this achievement, I went through it on my other account and only killed one person in the chase, and one in a stealth section where there was no subdue option, and the achievement unlocked. Today I went through it on my friends account and made sure I killed nobody, yet the achievement didn't unlock, and I can 100% say I killed no one in that second playthrough, I think it's a tad misleading.
  9. Looking to knock out all the zombie achieves asap, so send me a request if you're up for it GT - Bl00dbath101
  10. That really seems to be giving everyone trouble, i've just beaten the siren for the first time, honestly not as hard as the factory bit, as long as you have the burning halo gear, all I did was go into the tomb to the left of hers (the one that contains the medical supplies) and I waited for her to spawn them ghosts and just ran out beat one to death and run back and hide, rinse and repeated that until the minions were all dead, then picked her off from the entrance of that tomb with my sniper I hope that helps
  11. Thankfully i've done it now, but I know what you mean, up until that point it really didn't feel difficult at all, then they spring that on you, it really threw me off, although I guess some of it is my fault for choosing 1999 mode on my first playthrough.
  12. You my friend, are a beautiful beautiful man, it worked like a charm and i barely took any damage, let alone dying, thankyou very much
  13. I know this is a little OT but seriously i've looked everywhere and can't find a thing on it. I've found 1999 mode pretty easy so far, but i've just got up to the big factory battle (where you fight the handyman for the 2nd time) and I'm, just being obliterated, swarmed by enemies, I can barely survive the first wave, so any tips? I'd be extremely grateful.
  14. That's pretty aggressive isn't it, the forums are a friendly place, it's people like you who give everybody a bad name.
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