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  1. I give the Achievements in this game an 8 or so. For the MOST part this game in general is probably a 6/7 out of 10 in terms of Difficulty? however I am giving that a Bias due to my enjoyment of Bullet Hell games and the experience I have with them. As for the Actual Achievements this will vary for most people, hence my 8. Someone like me that has played this game already on PC [130 Hours Logged], understands enemy patterns and how Dodge Rolling works will find achievements related to enemy kills or floor clears to be simplistic. Things relating to character Unlocks can be Luck based [bad run, terrible item drops etc] where someone might go days without getting one or in my case, unlock both at the same time. With Achievements in relation to those subjects aside the remainder of them turn into Fetch Questing [finding everyone] in a way or, for the MOST part, kill requirements. I say this from the Hunt Targets and the Hegemony Credit farming to buy everything.. Hardest Achievements are Probably : Gungeon Master- Clear the 6th Chamber Lead God- Collect 5 Master Rounds in a single run Historian- Complete all 4 Main Character Pasts The last one really "Hard" just from your Bullet Hell Experience. with about 37 hours logged on the Xbox one Version i'm still missing 16 achievements. Mostly grind related. With all this in Mind i'd say Game Completion might take anywhere from 25 to 50 Hours Depending on your Luck and overall Experience.
  2. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=390695 2nd post in there.that's the entire skill list taken from the game's how to play section. oh yes, also you unlock a story mission "tier" every 5 online ranks, starting at rank 6.so you get a new tier at 6,11,16,21,and 26.
  3. a co-op match can't be started without at least 4 players.if you don't invite any friends the game will try to automatically find you extra players
  4. One of my posts on this forum has the list of battle master skills, if you wish to link off to that for references. Also, you unlock the last story tier at rank 26
  5. co-op is up to 15 players vs an entire bot team. the number of bots adjusts based on players joining and leaving mid game, and they aren't always a bunch of pushovers. The MVP Quest is completed by having the best K/D in the game. This can be done in a Co-op game,but those can't start unless you have 4 people in a game. the MVP "icon" showed at the end of the game is given to the player with the most points.generally the person with the best K/D should be getting this anyways,however more often than not the player with more Tactical points has an equal chance of getting this.you earn those from team oriented things. healing/buffing/resurrecting teammates,blocking attacks,building obstacles,destroying the enemies tower or gate etc, earns you points towards that. As was mentioned in a post or two before me,Cleric's tend to be MVP more often [at least in co-op]. keeping your distance from fighting and healing/buffing teammates in the fray,or ones that retreat is a big help.then if weakened enemies happen to trail their way back towards you,give them a few baps here and there to pick them off. You shouldn't have any issue getting this achievement,well before reaching rank 20.
  6. It seems incrediably idiotic to blame your userbase for a server issue, that you had a week or so to meddle with in a pre-release. Even when i was playing then,co-op games would stop mid match due to me "failing to connect to other players in the match", despite this sort of thing never,EVEr occuring to me in a major retail game.
  7. Thanks for the info.i'll be sure to remember that, though who knows the next time i'll play a game early enough to get to type any sort of guide out for it XD
  8. it's notably faster to just play co-op and rank there, if you don't want to go through the annoyance of being trolled in pvp. while i didn't like that the story missions are locked to your rank,considering the items you get end story [an accessory with 3 blank slots, and a sword with 600+ starting attack power] i'm not shocked that they did something like that.
  9. the "En-spell" buffs can wear naturally over time.they can be overwritten by any En-spell you cast,or others cast on you.They can also be Dispelled by the enemy clerics using "Dispel" close to you. Your team's clerics doing this however will not effect you. Additionally in the case of warrior and cleric, using your "smash" attack [rt and attack] will consume your current enspell to perform the action.
  10. you can get one with luck by just spinning the happy wheel.very likely to get it from there before unlocking the missions with premium items.
  11. considering the skills you get in a match normally are random, and the fact that each category can have more than 3 skills, it's literally impossible to pull off in 1 game.
  12. This is true. this achievement also includes EVERY ability for all 3 classes. this includes team skills as well.this can be a bit of a pain at times, since the abilities you start out with, and gain as you level up, are always random Taking the list straight from the games how to section, all the abilities include the following: Warrior Team-Cheer,Group Rush,Iron Phalanx "B" Skills-Roar, Rocketman, Super Guard, Stone Throw "A" Skills-Smash, Spinning Blade, Charge Attack, Rush Cleric Team-Sacred Song, Transport, Happy Miracle "B" Skills-Dash, Summon Materials, Sacred Armor, Wall "A" Skills-Heal, Dispel, Resurrect, Sanctuary Mage Team-Tornado, Lightning Arrow, Meteor Storm "B" Skills-Blizzard, Magic Napalm, Lightning Strike, Wind Trap "A" Skills-Fire Enchant, Lightning Enchant, Wind Enchant, Ice Enchant Later on [or early if your happy spins are lucky] you will get items with ability+ applied to them. For example, a hat for cleric with "Sacred Armor+". These buff slots force your character to start a round with said ability, effectively allowing you to pick what skills you obtain over the course of a match. From what i could tell as well, the skills don't have to HIT an enemy to work for this achievement.it seems you may just have to use them for it to count. Enchants can be used on yourself if no one is somehow not around.
  13. Got my copy of this yesterday.hoping to join an active team so i can get into this MP and see how it really works out. GT- Soren Kisamora
  14. I'm also looking to blow through the online stuff with someone.most of my characters are high end but no one is completely maxed out, though all my spells are for the most part.Add me if interested [uS version] - Soren Kisamora
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