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  1. i fucking loved the entire thing. i love the mind bending aspect of this entire game, it gives me cold chills.
  2. I've gotten 2 roadkills with it so far, with no achievement. there must be something I'm missing? OT: blind luck. standing still to reload/shoot/hide. EDIT: 3 roadkills now, still no achievement, but it is so rewarding, regardless. : 4th time's the charm. still tons of fun.
  3. I realize there's already an achievement boosting thread, but these forums are pretty much dead, so I thought I'd dedicate a thread to boosting this mission. I work 2nd shift (3-11pm EST) but feel free to message me any time. GT: IVIodest Mouse
  4. nevermid. figured it out. if a mod could delete this, that'd be great.
  5. Did anybody else notice that Rosalind Lutece and Robert Lutece are the same person? Robert is just Rosalind in an alternate reality, where instead of being a girl, he's a boy. at one point in the game (cant remember if it was Elizabeth, or a voxophone) it is mentioned that Rosalind actually has a twin brother that nobody knew about. and while you're on the tram up to the emporia towers, and Rosalind and Robert are messing around on the left and right side of the cart, a set of dialogue goes something like this: Rose: "you ever notice that we-" Rob: "complete each others sentences? yes, it'd be odd if we didn't." so, they look almost identical, sound almost identical, have very similar names, know what each other is thinking, and Rob just simply appeared one day (out of a tear through an alternate reality, no doubt)
  6. this is exactly why i haven't gotten the season pass. MP is cool and all, but the SP is really where it's at, and where, IMO, the attention should be payed.
  7. I found a GLITCH than can help you get 3-4 EXTRA SECONDS when you start. this is how ive done it, RELIABLY, so far: 1) have light runner vehicle 1 somewhere on the map. i have mine at the catch-a-ride near checkpoint number 2 (near the bridge) 2) start the mission after you've all ready failed it. 3) before even stepping onto the checkered ground, go to the catch-a-ride station, and deploy, then teleport to vehicle one. what happens is, vehicle one spans on the checkered area. you can then IMMEDIATELY start the race WITHOUT having to wait on the checkered area for a few seconds. what this means is, as long as you're good at the track, you can get to the first checkpoint before the bell even sounds, leaving you with a very valuable 3-4 seconds. follow this course route, and do this little bug, and you're good to go
  8. yeah, well, good thing halo is coming out on tuesday... i'll just play MP till then, and wait for a patch.
  9. nothing happens. the camera just sits there staring at my dead body. it will not auto re load. and I'm sure if it did, I'd still die as soon as it started up again.
  10. yeah... this is also an isuue on the PS3, so i hope they patch it... i've all ready submitted a question directly to ubisoft, so i'll just hafta wait and see..
  11. This video was posted on another forum i made about this topic (better to cover all of your bases) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSpKmpwVIGQ&feature=channel&list=UL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSpKm...hannel&list=UL[/ame] this is the EXACT same place where my bug, as well as a couple of other people's, was encountered.
  12. I THINK I CAN WIN THIS.... a glitch i encountered actually broke the game for me. i can no longer play SP because the game auto saved as i died... sooo, every time i load up the game, i instantly die. can't load last checkpoint or restart memory, because I'm not in a memory, I'm at the very beginning of sequence 5, running around the frontier. game broken. woo....
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