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  1. ok. So after testing the s rank system on mission 01, I have proved that time does not affect rank. Its all money...or damage ratio also...I have yet to test that one. ok so on mission one I got 523,547 au. S rank. It took 5.32 minutes. next I did 545,695 au with s rank. Time was 13.28 minutes. it took some time but I got 532,431 au with a time of 32 minutes. I GOT THE S RANK. worhammer was there in party with me as I tried for it....
  2. HEY! On mission 01 i cannot find out how to do the subquest which asks you to destroy unidentified forces. If you know how please help!
  3. Hey I need in. 5 friends? Add me in and ill join anygame. Im willing to help out with any achieve. GT. Ultima OXZ
  4. I'm In. Ill send you an invite Anyone else can add me to GT: Ultima OXZ
  5. Hey i need the completionist achievement so just send me a message if you can help
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