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  1. thats why i was confused.cause i thought the IN GAME credit is the one in the menu.so why didnt they just call it the end game credit or something? aahhh well,thanks any way.
  2. ok im confused on one achievement..where credit is due.i looked at the credits twice and didnt get the 25G...any clue why?:confused:
  3. i just downloaded this bad boy....man the memorys! worth every ms point.:woop:
  4. me personally I loved PS4 much more.its was more of a challenge.
  5. LMAO!! All of u who are playing this game early are looking to get banned from xbox live.So when that hammer comes around don't cry and say why oh why me.Food for thought.Good Day..
  6. if anyone still needs help with any achievements they don't have in RE5 send me a friend request.I can help with most things(rotten egg,emblems,infinite rpg,etc) Gt-PukkaSupreme
  7. I just got the achievement tonite.I found it was also easy on hero story mission 1.clayface was the boss.
  8. what's up guys.if anyone can help me get this achievement(or any other ones in this game)i would appriciate it a lot.my gt-PukkaSupreme
  9. if anyone is willing me to help me out I would appriciate it very much.Gt-pukkasupreme
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