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  1. lvl 50 assassin looking for help with Hyperius, thanks guys. GT: VII ODiN IIV
  2. Yeah okay, my bad, I may be a long time member but as you can see I don't post that often, more of a lurker. Thanks for not taking a cheap shot, I'll head on over to that thread right now.
  3. Closing game, What happened to you X360A? Anyone who is interested, please message me, GT: VII ODiN IIV
  4. Hey everyone. I'm playing as assassin and am having quite a hard time killing Hyperius. I'll be hosting a game on normal for the quest until I can get some help in to help kill the bastard. So if anyone would liek to help, send me a message or hit up match maker and find me, Thank you. EDIT: Been hosting for over and hour now, surely there is some-one out there who is kind enoguh to help me out, this is one of the lasts quest I need for the cheevo.
  5. Hmm.... I picked up on the combat rather quickly, most things appeared obvious to me or I discovered them by trying different buttons at the beginning of the game. Although, It took me until my 2nd playthrough on PC version to find out that there is a lower section to Darkroot.. .you know, with those red stingray things and the killable trees? So I guess I can relate.
  6. Regarding Glitter Gulch, I believe the boulder at the train station containing the Honeycomb is actually within the toxic room to the left of the waterfall.
  7. Hey everyone, I've got only a few achievements left to go and I need to get into NG++ to get them, but god damn, I just can't kill Gwyn in NG+ Can anyone back me up? EDIT: Done it, Thanks anyway.
  8. Ahhh excellent, Thanks guys, I'll go do this. Edit: YES! Finally got it!! Thanks again guys!
  9. Hey guys. This paradox ending + fragment are the few things left I need, but for the life of me I cannot defeat Caius! I've tried staggering him and thrashing him with COM/COM.. but that doesn't work at all. I've also been trying SEN/SAB to poison and wound him down... but he just keeps using absolution and making my efforts pointless... Can anyone toss a few tips my way? This is really driving me insane...
  10. Awesome, I'll let him know. I would have told him to use Cloud, but he doesn't have the internet on at his place, as he moved house recently. Thank man, I'll post if we have any luck, good or bad.
  11. Hey guys, not sure how to explain this one, so here goes. My mate recently purchased an xbox, soon after he then bought a USB so he could play under his gamertag elsewhere. He wasn't aware that it need config, and somehow put his gamertag and a few Dungeon Defenders saves on it. He brought it to my place, we played and it worked fine, then recently, it asks for configuration, stopping him from accessing his GT and DD saves. Will configuring it now erase his saves? He can just recover his GT, it's the saves I'm not sure about. Is all lost? Or is there a solution?
  12. YES YES and more YES, I will add you good sir.
  13. If ya ever need a lvl 45 Squire, hit me up. GT: VII ODiN IIV
  14. LvL 45 Squire, Inv me for Hard Modes or Medium Survival for the cheevo. GT:VII ODiN IIV
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