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  1. i will be downloading this game tomorrow as part of the gold program if anyone wants to knock out the online achivments let me know, i never played before so i am a novice, but not a novice gamer
  2. this is a retarded post, i seriously don't get the point, list of players online ? really? lol
  3. would like to help booste most of the achivments, including flashback map packs{ its only 800 ms points} msg me if interested thanks luckymewheeee
  4. if anyone can help me with the online ach including tournament let me know thanks. GT same as name
  5. had this game for years, need all the online ach, i dnt have any dlc, if anyone can help msg me on xbox.com thanks
  6. chances are u need it to be night time, when u travel to a mapstone u have the option of going during the day or night, u will see a cresent moom over some items, meaning it has to be dark out
  7. i only bought this because it sais it supports english, yet i play the game and no options, and the first sentence is in jap, did i misread something, did they just mean subtitles or something
  8. i am sorry for potentially asking a dumb question, i am a little confused are the glowing yellow idol things artifacts or how many gates there are in an area, im having a hard time keeping track of my artifacts as it seems i cant find any catagory that records how many u have, thanks
  9. what happened to all the links for the challenge and campaign guides, used to be right here on the first page
  10. good guide, sounds a bit tricky also love the he man reference " by the power of grayskull achivemt" lol awesome
  11. if anyone would be willing to help with the wingman matches { win 3} and the meat flag one, id appreciate it, gamertag is name
  12. hi i was hoping someone could give me some tips and pointers for this game i don't buy sports games every year or even every other year,this is my first baseball game i have bought in a few years.. anyways right now im struggling somewhat in my player game mode with the team baltimore orioles , a young but promising team with upcomers such as adam jones and nick markakis. my biggest concern is that the ai is flipping retarded when it comes to managing my team, for instance today im playing im up 2-0 in the bottom of the 9th yet the AI still has my set up in pitching which he had already pitched 2 innings already, why wouldnt my closer be in the game why i askkk??? i won the game but shit like this happened all of last year and probably why i finished 20 games under, i realize that if i wanna manage my team i should play franchise mode, but is there anything i can do to stop the ignorant AI i cant win 2 world series with these backward monkeys let alone a division title or wildcard, thanks for any help
  13. so i was wondering is anyone gonna make a road map guide for this game, not to sound ungrateful but i assumed every 360 game had an achievement guide, thanks
  14. luckymewheeee is my gt basically looking for co op levels, will help if u need something, first post here in 4 months, hope someone sees this
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