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  1. I still need to get 15 achievements: Man vs Tank Most of the "no survivor damage" ones All of the Expert ones Some DLC ones I'll have this ready to go for all of this year, so feel free to message me. I'm glad to help others with theirs too. Would love to get this wrapped up and move on to the 2nd game.
  2. After an hour of trying every tip imaginable, I got the game to load. Put in another game and boot it up to the Start screen (I happened to use Deadpool), then bring up the Guide and quit to dashboard. Then put in Friend or Foe disc, and it starts up right away. I had also installed the disc to HDD in a previous attempt, don't know if that affects my instructions at all. Hope it helps!
  3. I need all TF2 achievements, I have a mic. Add Reick17
  4. I played a few hours of N&B, then bought B-K. All of the SnS items in B-K were unlocked, so no, you don't have to complete N&B.
  5. I bought the T1 collector's edition because I was really hyped for this game. (Good call on my part ) I absolutely love the pack of Destiny cards it came with, and I want some way to display them in my house. I was thinking buying a big poster display, and laying them all out, but then you can't see the backs... Any ideas?
  6. I got it for $6. So far, it's pretty silly/awesome, but it's also pretty janky in some aspects. If you were so die hard to wait for 12 years, probably not worth it. But for me, it's not bad.
  7. I tried to get all the balls in, but I couldn't do it. He really loves that pool table...
  8. Wow, that sucks. I'm playing through now, I'll have to watch for that...
  9. Is it something they could patch out, or just a problem with UE? I stopped playing it in the hopes that they'd fix it, but if not I'll keep playing.
  10. Reick17

    uno avatar award

    Bah, got my hopes up... I love Uno.
  11. I'm playing through this right now. I didn't have a patch update, so I'm assuming it will work fine for us.
  12. Got mine for $10, and I'm really enjoying it. I think it's pretty true to the movie.
  13. Yeah, mine just sat there with the bar but no loading percentages for a minute or two. First scare of the game: thought my disc was bad.
  14. I'm pretty sure you can do it under Mission Replay. I'm going that route, 3 missions to go.
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