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  1. I finally found one, but I used it for the hut upgrade. I don't think I'm gonna try and find another for a while yet to tame. Man, I was so happy with that. It's took all day of hunting for wolves to find one... Well, with a few missions inbetween.
  2. Am I the only one getting frustrated by this? I find white wolves quite often and regularly, yet they're rare too. I just can't seem to come across a striped wolf... and the annoying thing is, I need two of them (one to tame and one for skin for hut upgrade). Any easier way to find them?
  3. I've got half that say 100% and haven't unlocked. Doesn't even say 'done unlocking' like it usually would... I've also done all the secret achievements but one is glitched and doesn't say 100%. I don't know which one it is as the achievements haven't popped and unlocked so I'll have to wait I guess as I did them all a second time and it still won't say 100%. Man, I think the secret achievement is bugged and the whole achievement system is bugged. I'm from the UK though and got it from US store.
  4. Can the multiplayer achievements be earned in split-screen?
  5. Okay so I won a mod pack on a level up spin and can't find my mod pack anywhere. Where can I find it? Gone into mods and couldn't find it and went into spins and it said I had none.
  6. So I've started Thief and completed the Prologue which should unlock a secret achievement. Except it's not. When I go to view achievements it says 100% next to the secret achievement but nothing else. It doesn't even say 'Done!... Unlocking' How do I fix this as usually it'd say Unlocking and unlock at a later date but it doesn't even say that.
  7. I've done Cliffside and still stuck at 99% for me. I can't get it to 100%. So glad there's not an achievement to 100% because... that would annoy me with the 99% glitch.
  8. So I've been doing the clever saves to get all the achievements. I've done the Railroad and Institute and now I'm just left with the brotherhood. So I went back to my save at the relay and informed the brotherhood. It skipped an achievement quest "Blind Betrayal" and went straight to Spoils of War. Not only this but when I completed Spoils of War it didn't start or give me any direction on where to start Ad Victoriam. So, it's skipped Blind Betrayal and has given me no indication on how to start Ad Victoriam. I completed Brotherhood up to Semper Invicta before starting the molecular level, so I should be able to do Shadow of Steel to Blind Betrayal, then Spoils of War. Any help? I followed PS4Trophies guide on YouTube.
  9. Tried to update my game. It was done and then I started black ops 3 and says there was a problem with the update. So I try again and nothing, even though the update was already installed. So I try to press the home Button to go back to dashboard and my whole Xbox crashes. This happened to anyone else? I can't access the game and when I do my whole Xbox ends up crashing.
  10. Before the Kellog mission, I still didn't recruit him and decided to take Piper and now I can't find Nick Valentine at all in Diamond City.... been looking around for ages. I've lost him. Any ideas on where he could be? Tried day and night in his offices but he just doesn't appear.
  11. Oh, I see. I'm outside Vault 81 now. I'll see what I can find.
  12. What? Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
  13. I have don't have many. I'm able to get Deacon, Piper, Cait, Dogmeat, Codsworth and one in Brotherhood of Steel I think. I recently got Piper to max relationship so now I'm working on Cait. Having Cait is much better than Piper as she likes you being selfish so you can get all those extra caps in speech challenges
  14. So where can I craft the bobblehead stand? I've looked all through the workshop and can't find it. I want an easy way to figure out which ones I have and the stand would do nicely. How do I craft it?
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