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  1. Thanks, that was it! Trying to get my data now to see how the new automatic lists will work!
  2. Hey, just woke up to see I can no longer acess the achievement page on any game. If I log out of my account, it works again. With my account logged in, I just get a full blank page. Same thing on games I have played and are on my checklist or games I have never played before.
  3. That worked fine for Nexoria, but I'm now trying to update other games and the same is not working for Castle of No Escape. I have only 4 achievements in the first DLC, tried deleting the list twice, but same thing happens every time. UPDATE: I managed to update all other games I had pending that you have already updated with the new achievements without any issue besides this weird achievement missing from Castle of No Escape.
  4. Not sure if it's an issue or I caught you in the middle of the process, but although Nexoria seems to be at 3000 points now, there's only one achievement worth 200 points in the last DLC. 50 years was completely fine for me.
  5. Any idea when the ability do add DLC achievements will be back? With this Xitilon thing going on, I think my checklists have over 20k points missing by now. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Can't wait for it to come back and test! I like what you guys are doing with the automatic system, but I grew SO USED to manual, it helps me so much to narrow down what's left of the game and see what I have to tacke next instantly with just a simple click. If the automatic system is something fast like this, there's no point for me to go back to manual, but if it takes time, it will be a struggle to decide between the two...
  7. Something is very wrong here. Those replys seem to be talking about a different game
  8. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  9. Yeah, I was just curious why I could not find any more skill points. I passed the lockpicking test on my first try and found the note, but I did not get any skill points from that. Might be something random, a glitch or something that was changed with a patch.
  10. Thanks for the guide Pants Party! I started playing this today, could only play a little but I'm clueless about this part on chapter 2: I have been talking to everyone and searching everything, the reason I'm playing this is the plot so I'm not rushing or anything. Everything was like you said until raising spot hidden to 80%, but I had no other points after that to raise strength. Are you sure you didn't leave spot hidden at 70% and used the points on strength? Because I'm having a hard time believing there's something hidden that I cannot find, unless you could earn points from checks like the whale or intimidating the barman, that I failed and didn't bother because they were no big deal at all. I also have searched online but can't find anything talking about skill point locations in this game. A shame, because a guide for this would be nice.
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