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  1. Looking for someone to do coop achievements, I'm mountain time Gt: royalifreshness
  2. I have everything in the game except the trident, I need it for the achievement. If someone will just let me pick it up for the chieve I'll give it right back and give you some stuff that you may need in return if desired. I have many items and minerals and such. I am a level 171. GT: ROYALIFRESHNESS
  3. I'm looking to boost as many MP achievements as I can get. Willing to be another player to assist in any achievements others may need... Just message me: GT: RoyalIFreshness
  4. I couldn't quote the post above but I followed these instructions combined with the stacking instructions and got it in a couple tries. The only difference was I never took them to the middle, I kept them on the raised part of the game board. Stacked em in the corner, then moved over the raised part of the board a bit and moved the stick as lightly as possible, some of them landed stacked but not all. Got a 4 of a kind. Then the character I needed was actually facing up so any kind of drop would've rolled it to another character. What I did was put it over the one of the 4 remaining stationary dice and again, I moved the stick as lightly as I possibly could and just dropped it on top of one of the other dice and it just landed face up on the character I wanted.
  5. thanks for putting this guide together... very helpful
  6. I'm looking to boost the MP achievements. Just hit me up if you also need them or are just willing to help.
  7. I got librarians on wave 3/3 on mission 5. Won't die... Ok, finished it. Was buying the back-up too early. Saved both for round 3 and used the mini gun for all of round 3. Focused on librarians when they showed. Mini gun plus backup killed them quickly. Eventually backup died and just walked backwards firing at the librarians hoping nosalises would catch a lot of crossfire. The time ran out just as I was backed into the corner and starting to get overrun.
  8. I think 3 and 4 might be backwards in your guide. When I complete the HUGE zone as mission 2 (with nosalises), my only options are Nosalises normal, horde, and huge. I'm also having trouble completing normal so I don't even know what mission 4 options are.
  9. looking to do the 2v2. I guess 4 people total are needed. I do have 2 gold accounts and 2 xbox's, so, if necessary can do with just 2 more people. Unless someone also has 2. fyi: I tried 2 accounts on one Xbox, didn't work.
  10. Thanks very much for the detailed guide. Made life a bit easier, was well prepared before playing.
  11. I'm looking for people to play through the levels on hard mode. Just hit me up gt: RoyalIFreshness
  12. I need someone to boost the 3 battle scenario achievements, just hit me up and we'll figure it out
  13. Post the link next time... EDF 2017 cheat codes http://www.g4tv.com/games/xbox-360/54959/earth-defense-force-2017/cheats/
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