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  1. Will be boosting to Level 20 on Wednesday night (25th April) at 22:00 (UK time GMT0). Please send me a message if you'd like to join.
  2. Yeah, smoke bombs and calling in your Assassins / Arrow Storm is all you need to do. As soon as you get control of your character run to the first gate and drop a smokebomb then close it with. Then just repeat on the next two gates and once the last gate is down just head for the rooftop and use your RB to Arrow Storm if you have it, or call in your Assassins. Using this method I didn't have to fight anyone.
  3. Marge Simpson Download link - > http://www.saintsrow.com/uk/community/characters/details/126189308844311407
  4. Got them now. Thanks for the help Gray XIII and Druken GAB.
  5. I'm in the UK and also need to do an Insane 4-player run through. Sending you a msg.
  6. Thanks so much, artphobia! Yours was the only solution I could get to work. It just took me a couple of attempts to get the height correct. THANKS!
  7. I'm setting up a lobby for this right now. GT: Lucifer Adams Msg me if you are interested.
  8. Many thanks for the great guide. An enjoyable 200gs.
  9. I'm looking to boost the two online achivements for this game. Please send me a message. GT: Lucifer Adams UPDATE: I've completed this game now.
  10. This happened for me aswell. It unlocked the moment I bought my final house. I did something similar and was able to get four in a row. I turned Shake To Roll on, then held the phone flat and gave it a quick, sharp shake towards me, then immediately tapped the centre of the screen. It could have just been a a fluke fo course....
  11. I'd also suggest that an addition to the requirements for the two ground battle achievements (Viceroy of the fleet and Admiral of the fleet; converting ALL systems to Republic and CIS) be added. It may not be obvious to everyone that ALL systems must be converted to one faction at once, for the achievement to unlock. When using the consoles to look at a planet on the System map, it puts a tick against the faction once you complete their ground battle. This mislead me into assuming that I was meeting the achievement requirements, regardless of who was actually in control of the system at that time. So it wasn’t until I’d complete ALL the ground battles, and didn’t get either of the achievements, that I realized I had to go back and do them again so that one faction was in control of the whole galaxy. Did anyone else make this mistake? I wasted a couple of hours going back and doing ground battles again just to get these two achievements.
  12. I can confirm that you do NOT need to buy the Stealth Ship (made of gold bricks). I was at 99.8% and then I built the ship. As soon as it flew away, I got the 100% achievement. I went over to the ship console, and it was available there, without needing to be purchased.
  13. I'm near Leeds in West Yorkshire, also on Sky. I was actually playing this morning when it disconnected me from live. I've not been able to back in since.
  14. Thanks for the great guide & roadmap. Man, that was a fun 2 hours. Good little game.
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