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  1. That's unfortunate. The main thing keeping me here in combination with TA was the satisfaction of tracking and managing my achievements. There is something cathartic about checking something off my list. I'll still give it a good try, but if you are emulating other sites, what's the point of using both? I know that's probably not the feedback you wanted to hear, it looks like tons of effort went into the redesign, but right now it seems like you've made a copy of TA, but we already have TA .
  2. Thanks for the update. Legit forgot this thread existed, updated my post above.
  3. Sadly it looks like some of the unlock issues persist. The update fixed my unlocks for level 10 of each ability that I was missing, but after beating Cerberus I didn't get the achievement. Used the new Armiger ability to make quick work of him, hoping that didn't affect the achievement. Edit: Popped after I finished that playthrough of the game through chapter select.
  4. Had the same issue, camped after the new royal update and the achievement instantly popped for me.
  5. The patch they put out this week now fixed this achievement.
  6. As of March 2017, this is still happening.
  7. Made it to level 31, can say that unless you are extremely lucky you will not be getting any further than that without paying for boosts. Was disappointing that there is no free way to earn currency like a daily bonus or something, so this one is pretty much over for me at this point.
  8. S̶o̶ ̶N̶o̶-̶S̶w̶e̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶o̶d̶e̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶v̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶c̶h̶i̶e̶v̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶e̶a̶r̶n̶e̶d̶?̶ ̶G̶o̶t̶ ̶1̶0̶0̶%̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶3̶6̶0̶ ̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶o̶n̶,̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶b̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶l̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶I̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶c̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶s̶u̶r̶e̶ Scratching that since stated by Pants below there are new achievements regarding Idols that may not appear in No-Sweat mode. Thanks for the update Pants!
  9. Not that I know of. I haven't found a way around it yet. Edit: Here is the current status for each game: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Steamworks Transitioned Batman Arkham Asylum Steamworks Transitioned Batman Arkham Asylum GOTYSteamworks Transitioned Batman Arkham City Steamworks Transitioned Battlestations: Pacific GFWL Working Bioshock 2 Steamworks Transitioned Blacklight: Tango Down GFWL Working Bulletstorm GFWL Working Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Steamworks Transitioned Dead Rising 2 Steamworks Transitioned Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Steamworks Transitioned DiRT 2 GFWL Working: Delisted DiRT 3 GFWL Version Delisted, Still Working F1 2010 GFWL Working F1 2011 GFWL Working Fable 3 GFWL Working Fallout 3 GFWL Working Fallout 3 GOTY GFWL Working FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage GFWL Working Fuel GFWL Working: Delisted Grand Theft Auto IV Steamworks Transitioned Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition Steamworks Transitioned Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Steamworks Transitioned Iron Brigade Steamworks Transitioned Kane & Lynch: Dead Men GFWL Working Lost Planet 2 GFWL Working Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection GFWL Working Ms. Splosion Man Steamworks Transitioned Operation Flashpoint: Red River GFWL Working: Delisted Red Faction: Guerrilla Requires Beta Opt In "GFWL" Resident Evil 5 Steamworks Transitioned Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City GFWL Working Section 8 Delisted: Ranked Matchmaking Unavailable Section 8: Prejudice Delisted: Servers Offline Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes GFWL Working Street Fighter IV GFWL Working Street Fighter X Tekken GFWL Working Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Unknown Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends GFWL Working The Club Link GFWL Working; Glitched achievements Virtua Tennis 4 Link GFWL Working - Delisted Warhammer Dawn of War 2 Steamworks Transitioned Let me know if any of these are incorrect or need changes.
  10. Anyone ever find a solution to this issue? Having the same problem unfortunately.
  11. I made it all the way to the dragon fight before todays patch. Now that the patch added easy mode it gives you a laser gun making it much easier.
  12. The best I have found is a fully upgraded Lotus Exige with drift setting set so everything is one notch to the left. Hit a corner going fast and tap the brake while steering into the turn. Keep holding down the throttle and occasionally tap to the outside if your car seems like it is going too far inside. When you reach the middle of the curve you will probably end up holding to the outside to keep from spinning out. It takes some getting used to but once you get it down it is easy to get 100k+ when the events only ask for 20k
  13. Fair warning, I found out if it isn't connected it will not unlock achievements on your profile and you will have to reset the game in order to re-earn any achievements. Now my profile is messed up, I have the lvl 20, lvl 100 and some misc achievements, but missing lvl 50, 80, etc..
  14. Just a heads up on that, Force Unleashed 2 is not a GFWL title, It does have the Games for Windows title, but those do not have achievements unless they have the 'LIVE' subtext on them.
  15. Having the same issues with the second castle area with the 3 sisters and the Chaos Claws. Can't get past it without skipping the cutscenes. Guess I'll just have to watch it on YouTube
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