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  1. 1.Call of duty 4 2.Madden 08 3. Halo 3 4.Kane and Lynch 5.Gears of war
  2. Which one do you think is harder on Expert Jordan or Through The Fire and Flames
  3. Thanks guys I finally got it to work
  4. Im putting in the right code for hyperspeed but it won't say its enabled
  5. This is what I did I started a whole new dynasy with Ohio State I went to in season recruting and picked only the people that were interested in my school there was only two and then i picked like four more that their intrest bar waz like half way full. I gave the five that i thought were the most interested and gave them twenty recrutment points. Then i started the season I simmed the games one by one until it was the 7th game of the season then I sheduled a visit for all of my four recrutes then i continued simming all of the rest off the games one by one until i was at the end of the season. I had three that comited. I was kind of bumed but i kept going I went undeafeted and won the NC. then I went to the off season and went to the recruting stage. I found all the ones that were interested and selected acadimics as my pitch and in home visit by head coach. Then simmed a week then did the same thing but selected program prestiege as my pitch and send the house. If keep doing this by the time your done you should have nine like me. Please forgive the spelling im only eleven and not very good at typing yet;)
  6. Ya me 2 it looked good but then when I played it I nearly pulled the game out and threw trash
  7. Did anybody waste their hard earned money on this trash?
  8. Congrats to the both of u if yall dont mind please post what acheivement got yall up to 100K
  9. Thanks for the thread guys I was gonna rent it but now im going to buy it
  10. Ya interval 4 is very scary I often found my self shooting at walls:uzi:But fatal frame has to be the scariest
  11. 1.College Hoops 2K7 2. NBA Live 2006 3.Perfect Dark Zero 4.99 Nights-too hard 5.College Hoops 2k6
  12. I love this game the only thing that would make it better is too take away My chemical romance and put in more BLACK SABBATH and IRON MADIAN. I herd rumors that they were going to make a download so that you can get IRON MAN and PANTERA and ZZ top
  13. . I have the same problem except with the car I cant get that one but I got the MOTORCYCLE using the MT entrance
  14. Ive done the same thing 3 times and I still dont have the acheivement
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