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  1. Howdy, Looking for a partner to do the online achievements. Send me a message on Xbox if you wanna team up.
  2. Looking for a partner to go for challenges, gold and all other jazz. If you fancy partnering up, send me a message.
  3. Looking for people to go for the achievements in this game. Anyone interested, send me a message.
  4. Looking for a Halo CE speed run or a Halo 3 LASO checkpoint/group. Anyone interested, send me a message
  5. Howdy, I'm looking for people who wants to do the LASOs and the speed runs on Halo 1-4. I'm in the UK and work during the day so looking for someone to do evenings and weekends. If anyone is interested then send me a message!
  6. Howdy, Looking for a partner to go for LASO playthroughs on all games. I work during the week so I'm usually around 7-12pm GMT and around mostly all time on weekends. If you fancy partnering up, lemme know. GT Chaos2Keres
  7. Looking for people to boost Pro Club accomplishments for On Your Way. Anyone interested, send me a message.
  8. Looking for a boosting partner to grab as many achievements as possible. Send me a message if interested.
  9. Looking to boost the DLC achievements. I have done Second Assault and China Rising but willing to help with those as well. Send me a message if you're up for it. GT Chaos2Keres
  10. Looking for people to do the online achievements. Anyone interested, just send me a message on xbl.
  11. Anyone been able to unlock Dirt Nap? I've done all the other achievements today but this one will not unlock for me. I have fulfilled the requirements 5 times, couple of times just doing carbine kills and no titan action and nothing works! Any help or advice would be awesome!
  12. I believe I might be able to help. My friend got one and should be able to get one myself later. I'm looking for any lvl50 legendaries that would be awesome for a zerker. If anyone is able to help, please send me a message!
  13. Howdy, I am about to start the game and was looking at the playthrough information to see what would be the efficient way of playing the game. The only thing I have seen so far is from the roadmap is starting up with Sal since there is an achievement tied to the ability where it needs to be perked up (from what I understood). However, with the release of the new classes with GOTY and possibly easier leveling methods to get those achievements, I don't know if this information is outdated so I thought I would ask. Going for 100% completion, what would be the best class to start with and what should I do with different playthroughs? Any advice would be greatly welcome. Cheers folks!
  14. Looking to do the online achievements. Happily willing to pop into your world for my banner. Send me a message if you can help.
  15. Howdy, I just cleared the 180 objective achievement but only cleared 170 objectives. I know from the other thread that people have the same issue where they are popping early but I think the achievement is glitched. However I think I know the cause and it could lead to people clearing the achievements easier. During the first week when the game was out, my xbox couldn't sync to the servers and I ended up playing offline. I cleared a bunch of levels and turned it off. The next day I logged and it synced fine but I had lost my progress from the previous day. However the achievements still were totalling up all the objectives I had done and I believe this is why I got the achievements before hitting their target. It is important to note that the objective achievements asking to clear a certain number, not complete all of them. The only issue I can see is that I can't see any way to delete your progress and starting again unless I'm missing something but there could be a way of not syncing up to ea servers, do a bunch of objectives and resync afterwards and repeat them again. If anyone wants to test this theory, go for it and hope it helps.
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