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  1. Completing all the storylines on a character should easily take you to level 60. Only Specialist (Spend 30 points in any Captain Specialization) will be particularly grindy. As I've said, Admiralty is worth waiting for as you can reduce your playtime to maybe ten minutes a day just logging in to queue up missions. I'd hazard an estimate of 50 hours for everything except Specialist. Completing all story chains could take a while, but it doesn't take long when actively playing to hit max level.
  2. The constituent missions of the Spectres storyline are also part of the Klingon War storyline, so either by accident or intent completing them on any character counts. I can't see any other ones that might satisfy the requirements of others, but the way they introduced the Romulan faction last year and took years to give the Klingons a proper set of story missions means that there is a lot of overlap.
  3. None at all. Nothing on the list (or really even in the game) that needs it, but obviously it may make a lot of missions etc more bearable and PvE queues are easier with people you can rely on to know what they're doing. None of the original 1000G requires you to do PvE queues, but they lead to the best equipment sets. Another tip that occurs to me, is keep all you ships until Admiralty is added to the game. I don't know how much space you'll have in terms of active ship slots and dry dock slots, but Admiralty won't retroactively count ships you no longer has as being in your roster.
  4. I haven't seen anything detailing when Admiralty/Doffing will be added, other than it will be. There's a feeling that with the last expansion they're shutting content development for PC, so they could finish the console content quickly (or pad it out to make it feel like the game is growing).
  5. Except for logging in to get short-term freebies, I'd be tempted to wait until the Duty Officer and Admiralty systems are added. They help the lower levels fly by and are indispensable in the grind past 60.
  6. Funny how many people say boosting this game is easy as long as you have a second console and second gold account. If only it had cross-platform play with GFWL.
  7. I now only need five, really would rather shoot through the Fleeca heist on repeat than keep getting screwed over by random people.
  8. Actually, they do clearly specify when they describe it as requiring all five heists.
  9. I assume there's a hidden checklist of different things that players are awarded a score for, surprised nobody has posted the cracked code. It'll be things like kills, headshots, reaching locations and delivering objectives. It's kinda bullshit because (as many people have noticed) players in certain roles are almost guaranteed the Platinum.
  10. I was doing it with three other people I'd been working with since Heist three and we probably took an hour to get past it. Either we were doing it wrong or that entire section is utter bullshit. Putting the players on bikes only makes sense insofar as giving the players a challenge, which makes Lester seem pretty dumb. We only eventually got past it when we decided to immediately ditch the bikes and all get in one stolen cop car, then head straight up the western freeway because going cross-country is a waste of time regardless of vehicle choice.
  11. I've got through everything except for the platinum medals. If anybody else would be interested in replaying the Fleeca Heist to get them easily, I have 16/25 and would prefer a UK player for the sake of timezones.
  12. You'd still be better off playing with somebody who can at least communicate their side to you. Or use Skype or something like that perhaps. What time zone are you in? If it's closer to mine than PST I'll happily add you for this.
  13. No microphones needed because you're too cheap to own one? These heists need teamwork to be completed.
  14. Best way to start is to get stuck into the game without boosting, you'll get an idea of how things work and get the achievements that don't need boosting. I did "Three-bit Gangster", "The Midnight Club", Unnatural Selection", "Backseat Driver", "Run Like The Wind", "Clean Sweep", "Stick Up Kid", "Enjoy Your Stay", "Dialing Digits" and "American Dream" before doing any boosting. For the racing ones, try hosting races suiting your needs on the track that circles the prison.
  15. Hey, Xbox One players, there's a different thread for GTA V on that platform. Please add me if you will be trying to get the achievements added for the Heists. I have the original 1000G but would help out with something small in return for participation in Heists. I will enjoy blocking communications with people who don't register this, though. http://i.imgur.com/PqRhm7r.jpg "Live a Little" and "Mastermind" (depending on the medals) will require a fair grind, "Can't Touch This" and "Four Way" will require a modicum of teamwork that shouldn't be difficult. Four people tackling a Heist with the goal of not allowing one of them to come to any harm should work out.
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