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  1. I have the same problem and i wasn`t getting a reply from Infinity Ward but Activision replied to my tweets and are looking into it for me...I just don't want to get banned for doing nothing wrong it sucks!
  2. Looking to boost That Bomb You Found, Disarmed Not So Sneaky Now, Are You. I'm on right now! Send me an invite... GT:XxSTEVIECEExX Thanks in advance
  3. Ok thanks for info....my mistake
  4. Just a heads up I have finished world tour and the follow achievements failed to unlock... Good Partner (I had 3 partners from season 2 onwards) 20 Awards! (I had nearly 70) Arcade Hero (although I did this in a doubles match so maybe it has to be a singles match)
  5. If anyones interested play.com (uk) have this for pre-order for £17.99.... everywhere else seems to be offering it for £30-35 even though its RRP is £24.99....anyhoo here is the play link http://www.play.com/Games/Xbox360/4-/19022960/Arcana-Heart-3/Product.html#
  6. Well i started off on supersoldier and when i finished i got both the supersoldier and legedary playthrough acheivement but not the achievement for finishing the game on any difficulty level?!?! strange!
  7. Or does the announcer in the game make anyone else wanna play Power Stone....I wish they would make a Power Stone 3
  8. I downloaded the Street Fighter 2 table on the first game and it transfered to Pinball FX 2 no problems, maybe its only if you try and purchase it through the second game....im in the UK by the way
  9. I got all the tables feel free to add me! GT : XxSTEVIECEExX
  10. I got this code free with my normal copy in GAME....i didnt pre-order, they were behind the counter and just put them in my bag....when i redeemed the code it said it was a pre-order code.....ive seen a lot of people with this armour!
  11. Im up for that Fri/Sat or Sun 8PM in the uk GT XxSTEVIECEExX
  12. had to re-load an old check point and it appeared....wow major glitch!
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