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  1. I am also wondering the same as you
  2. SSX Tricky on the PS2 was awsome but I havnt played any others. Really want them to make another one
  3. your username reminds me of clifford the big red dog

  4. Lol ^^ yeah sorry but I gave up reading that after the second paragraph
  5. @infection ftw I doubt that this will ever happen because you aren't achieveing anything Also what if the game has 100% online achievements and they close the servers you will don't just instanly complete the game
  6. Yeah I sticking with the x360a skin the others don't feel right And making your own skin would be kinda cool
  7. I never knew about this thanks Cable Guy time to scroll to the bottom
  8. Yeah I have loads of games that my friends put in my console to try them out. These were the days before I had live and before I tryed completed games
  9. I think they should compensate for games server being closed because you did pay money to play there games and then they cut you off. I don't think they should just hand out the achievements because then you havnt achieved anything, they should update the game to change the achievement to a single player achievement
  10. What will they do to Battlefield 1943 if they close the servers because it just online isn't it?
  11. I would download if they made it but if they don't then I will carry on using my safari
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