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  1. dont worry just keep working at it it is so hard at first but with time and a good alround board this game becomes easy and alot of fun. go for the coins and get the power ups the game becomes better the more you play it.
  2. A hunter pounced at me just as i closed the door it got wedged in the door flailing aroung it was funny.
  3. hax.



  4. once in a blue moon i arrive and go in the blink of an eye. -_- o_o -_-

  6. I miss you all!!!

  7. Today in chemistry I brokeded a thermometer and I got mercury on the ground and I then I sneaked away and the teacher blamed it on someone else and it was funny cause yeah. I heard mercury hurts :( I like science. I miss Calzord :(

  8. I miss you a billion.

  9. I can profile message too....

  10. You will come back to 100 profile messages from me and 100 PMs from Marc. I hope it makes you happy face.

  11. I miss you this much

    .................... O







  12. :(




  13. Well, as some of you may know im leaving and not because I don’t love this site but im going to be a missionary (well im going to train then go be a missionary ). Any way im not going to be on this site or online for at a year (I might be back around Christmas for two weeks) I know recently well for the past two months I have barely posted which makes me feel kind of lame but I have been pulling 50-60 hour weeks at work so I was kind of busy. Im here now though to say good-bye to all my great friends on this site. This is problem full of errors grammatical and punctual but im sure jdm will say something. I would be surprised if you deleted me on xbl but it would mean allot if you didn’t. Know im just going to say thanks to a couple of people marxor firstly you have been my bbf on xbl and recently I feel I haven’t talked enough with you. We had a lot of good times and allot of great games I will miss that, while im gone you need to remember to back to the title screen before turning of your Xbox and try not to get in to many fights. Krazie I always though that you were black, your not. I have learnt allot from you like women are trouble and in the short time we were in gsl together last year I had a hoot we worked had and some how you managed to keep gaming in you college work. Hayden we haven’t talked allots but in the time we have had it was fun if Castle crashers gets a patch tell me. jdm thanks for being understanding with my awful spelling, I must have easily misspent enough to get me banned three times. I also want to say thanks to night, net, birk, dangles, stallion, daywalker and im sure many more. Im still going to stay a sub I think this site is great and the people on here are awesome may it livelong and prosper. I kind of don’t know what to really say so that’s it see ya.
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