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  1. Wouldn't say im a huge fan of hockey but i do like to follow it. Looking forward to seeing what '12 has to offer.
  2. It's about time they've made it region free...
  3. Definately Gears 3 for me. Havent looked forward to a game this much since...Gears 2?!
  4. Release amazing games, unfortunately their servers let them down big time.
  5. I'd also invest in the hockey gear! Surely its a big possibility now as its become pretty popular worldwide since the playoffs..
  6. Probably already been said but i do feel if they came with achievements, they would sell alot more.
  7. I'd say buy. I much prefer this to 2k as it's more fun and less difficult. Basically, if you want to just play a laid back basketball game, get this. If you want realism, get 2k. Also, all the rosters are updated to this years!
  8. Maybe if you compared 09 clubs to 11 clubs, you would realise which one is more fun. This years is just messed up yet i still happen to play it all the time...
  9. Don't want to put a downer on things but i don't think their was a game that came out this year that i thoroughly enjoyed. So my vote goes to FIFA 11 which is basically broken but that's the only game which came out this year that i've played the most.
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone, have a good one
  11. Messi : Movement & Teamplayer. Ronaldo : Strike & Lone Ranger. Too close to call for me although i do reckon Ronaldo was a better player when at Man Utd.
  12. I thought Fallout 3 was amazing & still feel it's one of my favourite games. Unfortunately, i didn't feel the same with NV although i haven't played much of it.
  13. Well the most important thing for me is basically dont rush but keep on the move most of the time. I find i get alot of kills & am less vulnerable for someone coming up behind me. Other than that, relax, learn the maps and use a class setup that your most comfortable with .
  14. When i didnt have a job about 2 years back, i was averaging around 4-6 hours a day but now i just average 0-2 hours a day.
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