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  1. The origin of mine will be pretty obvious. Assault John-117 "Chief" Kelly-087 Adriana-111 William-043 Heavy Fred-104 Samuel-035 Jai-006 Alice-130 Sniper Linda-058 Jerome-092 Victor-101 Cal-141 Support Kurt-051 Fhajad-084 Mike-120 Maria-062 And three guesses as to who was "lucky" enough to be the first one to be psionically gifted... Of course it was JOHN! I actually have more Spartans assigned to each role, but these are just in my current game.
  2. Instead of searching through mountains of posts, because I've heard both answers, I'm just gonna ask this straight up: does the difficulty you beat the game on affect the difficulty of the challenges?
  3. Hey guys. I figured I'd get this started for the Friendly Rivals achievement since I didn't see one, or it just wasn't sticky, or it's just way way back in the threads. There's not much to trade. Really, just befriend someone and compare your scores, that's all it is, but regardless, anyone who needs to can find friends here. Anyway, I've got a score for Hard Challenge 4 right now (very easy to get 5 stars on, btw), so feel free to friend me for the few seconds you need to get this achievement. Whoever does so first though, in case I'm not online, I need to get the achievement as well, so leave me on your list long enough for me to get it. Just send me a PM saying so. GT: Leto Augustus
  4. Gonna be boosting Lvl 50 all day, and once I get to level 29, I'll want to do AEOTM as well. Hit me up, let's get a group going. GT: Leto Augustus
  5. Online now, willing to boost any and all multiplayer achievements, hopefully get a group going tonight. GT: Leto Augustus
  6. Looking to boost all the multiplayer achievements this weekend, anytime starting tomorrow (Friday) evening. If you have a team set up, I'd love to join! GT: Leto Augustus
  7. Hey guys, looking to boost all the Versus mode achievements if possible. Message and/or add me, GT: Leto Augustus
  8. Hey guys, looking to boost the 1v1 multiplayer achievements. GT: Leto Augustus
  9. Hehe, I noticed that you got the Tomb Raider achievement at the end of the speed run for this level. Coincidentally, that was the last thing I needed to do too before I got it. Thanks for the guide dude, it was a great help.
  10. Hey guys, just need that last achievement. GT: Leto Augustus
  11. Hey guys, I need the 4 online achievements. Add me: Leto Augustus I also need to do the Crime Spree achievement in someone's world, if you don't mind. I'm already King and no one wants to arrest me. Grrr... I'm also doing the Weapons/Clothing achievement but you can check that thread for those.
  12. Hey guys, Looking to boost Running the Show. GT: Leto Augustus. FR or message me. I'll be on all day tomorrow (Sunday) starting early, 8:00am Central Standard Time, so try and catch me online if you can.
  13. Hey guys, looking to finish boosting Running the Show, hopefully by this weekend. I'll be on after 6pm today, then I have all day tomorrow and Monday. GT: Augustus Leto
  14. Hey all, I had thought to do the Running the Show achievement earlier this past month, but I got distracted... anyway, now I refuse to play anything but this until I get it! So add me and say something about Halo Wars. GT: Augustus Leto I can probably do 1-2 hours on weeknights (that's 2-4 games, 1-2 each!), much more on weekends depending on plans.
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking to boost the Running the Show achievement. Anyone interested add me (GT: Augustus Leto) and message me saying something about Halo Wars so I know what's up.
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