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  1. "Pro" tip: Try to kill him once offline so you know where the weak points are, and when you stop dealing damage to them. When you attack a point, the skin will disappear. When that point is done, all that is left is a blackened area with the center still glowing pink-ish but you don't deal any damage to it (pawns with knowledge about the UrDragon will say "The bones are invicible" or something close..). Wasted an hour spamming what I thought was a weak point (saw the health bar trembling but not going down..) before I understood my error...
  2. The attacks happen at night when you're travelling the roads of Gransys at some precise points. You'll know you're there cause a marker will appear on your map and the bandits have peculiar names and they'll start a monologue... As far as I remember, the places and bandits names' are: past the bridge north of Gran Soren -Phantom & co- in front of the quarry -?Hawk?- in the Moonsbit Pass -Darkness- between the Waycastle and the encampment -?Red?- and at the front gate of Cassardis -Zero- I think the order is important; and it has to be at night. So, wake up at nightfall in Gran Soren, go to the first one up North, then the quarry. Go back to Gran soren and sleep to nightfall again, then if you just follow the main road back to Cassardis you should get all of them. They'll attack you on the road so don't stray from it. The last one is literally at the front gate of Cassardis (you don't see him at first but you'll hear is little monologue)
  3. Thanks for the guide! The Hero, though.. I feel it's gonna be such a stupid achievement to get in this game and all its missable/time-sensitive-but-you-can't-know quests, auto-save-that-overwrites-your-manual-save... and glitches, of course. Already screwed myself with that Madeleine ach. (and I guess The Hero too for this playthrough...) during the Chasing Shadows quest, since Julien apprently can see through walls!... Thought maybe I could retry it, so I went to the inn to let a day pass... auto-save.
  4. Because it's a single player RPG that actually has some online fonctionalities. Knowing Capcom this could have had some terrible achievements like "Get your Pawn downloaded 5,000 times by other players"... Thankfully it doesn't!! The only achievement I see in that list that might require online: The Messiah (50) Defeated the Ur-Dragon. If I'm not mistaken this is the Dragon from the "Event" mode, and would need multiple players' efforts to kill... We'll need to confirm if you can take him on your own offline; and if online is needed: who gets the achievement? Only the dude who gets the last hit in, or everyone who participated in bringing him down..? (Or, the Ur-Dragon is also fought in the regular adventure and I'm worrying too much! )
  5. Has it been confirmed by any reliable source that they will be patching this? Like bigger maps, later versions (I think it's not on par with the latest add-ons of the PC release?)....? I'm on the fence whether to get this or not... I didn't see what was the point of it at first, but after trying the demo and seeing a couple tutorial vids on youtube I'm quite appealed to say the least... The aspect that interests me most right now is the solo survival / crafting, but I don't wanna be disappointed in a few days/weeks because I wanna try stuff that are not in the Xbox version... On the other hand, my PC is a portable so I'm not sure it can handle the game (Starcraft II only runs on low settings for example). I feel like the Xbox version is more noob friendly... Both versions are the same price... Need advice!
  6. You should feel lucky that you're actually still in the convenant. Right after I joined, I was going back to Undead Burg... suddenly I see "+2000 souls", but I wasn't fighting anyone. Next time I got in the Darkroot Garden, all Forest Hunter NPCs attacked me, and I notice that my Covenant is "None"... I go to the "Sin" dude on top of the church where you ring the first bell and buy the guilt book to investigate this. I was noted a sinner... I pay 64 freaking thousand souls for "Absolution"... I'm still marked as a sinner in the book. All of this because of a stupid glitch! It even happened again another time when I was walking in the Darkroot Garden: this time it was Shiva that randomly died (I picked up his sword). Tough ennemies, traps I can whistand. This is just bullshit. Gltiches in such a game where your action may mean you have to restart/do another playthrough is just unforgivable.
  7. Hey, awesome guide! Just a quick question: Some covenants require you to invade/interact with other players. And they reward you with unique weapons / miracles / spells... So how do you get all the ach. offline? is it possible? I hate PvP...
  8. You should add to the guide which ember is needed and which blacksmith allows to upgrade the weapon to each "path". You can't just reinforce your Sword to +5 and then modify it into whatever you want the first time you bump into the first blacksmith, even if you have the necessary titanite...
  9. Found a preview of it [here] It was announced in another interview as a september 13th release, for 400 MSP though. Guess this one is right since it's still not released...
  10. I usually get to stage 5 with V15 H12 S15, scoring mostly on the 3-x levels, 100%ing all bosses, then just trying to survive. At first I thought I wouldn't benefit from switching to Ikaruga scoring mode 'cause I had already learned how to chain and survive... How wrong I was! Got to stage 5 with V18 H15 S19... lost ~4 lives I think just on this stage (yeah I hate it, never trained on it), still a lot left but Xiga always rapes me with his random (who likes random attacks??!) green lasers attack... Thinking I'm done for, all stress is gone. Then level 6 starts, and I NO MISS the sucker!! Thank you for the advice deexor!!
  11. [Click!] If you're lazy, in a nutshell (this is all about the Japanese version, no info on US/EU release!): * X360 and PS3 versions released same day as PSP Vita version (December 17th) * Makoto, Valk, Platinum and Relius on disc * Story mode = revised Calamity Trigger story, CS Story, and each new character gets it's own scenario * There is talk of DLC for the game, but no details about what it will be (Colors...?) [important Edit!! -more news (click!)- Producer says= no DLC to turn BBCS into BBCS Extened, and BBCS players won't be able to play with Extend's players. Sad news...]
  12. I'm no pro and this boss was also the last one I needed... Took a few tries to figure it out! You need to destroy: * Both hands [10% each] (that shouldn't be a problem) * Both cannons [10% each] = easiest part to miss! One of them shoots 3~5 ways (depending on your difficulty), the other one shoots straight lasers. The trick is: only one of them is hittable at a time. The boss needs to flip over (not turn, FLIP) for the second one to be shootable. * Body (big rectangle part) [50%] = be careful! If you destroy this, only the core will be left... so destroy the hands and cannons before the body. * Core (yellow sphere) [10%] = try not to destroy it before the rest, but that isn't really an issue The rest is 0% destruction so don't worry about it! Other bosses are pretty straight forward to 100% IMO. I was thinking of making an achievement guide for the game... But I wanted to 1CC Arcade first, and it is now obvious -even with 10 lives in Very Easy- that I won't be achieving this before quite some time. There's no way to "cheese" this game, you HAVE to get good and score big if you want to have a chance against the Last boss...
  13. I'm sorry to break it to you but.... the official guide is full of errors. For example they list Barbed wire mod and others as quest rewards, but we all know they're not now. So if they say something is supposed to be there and you don't find it, maybe it's just not there! But sometime it is... yeah it sucks
  14. There are some easier ways to beat Score Attack mode. Look around on this forum and you'll most likely find some. One of them involve picking Tager in beginner mode, but... hey after getting bodied 50 times with your main by inputs-reading-Hakumen, it does feel satisfying to troll the CP! ... If you can put up with the shame of picking beginner Tager that is Also, the best tip for this: have a 2nd controller plugged in at all times. If you see you're gonna lose a match, you can press start on the 2nd controller to pause your Score Attack run. You'll have a local Versus match, and then your Score Attack will resume on the same stage you were! Trust me this will save your xbox from the sad "smashing into 90 pieces" treatment. For the lvl 50 ach... Well it is a long grind there is no way around it. Though there are means to make it feel less painful, if you don't feel afraid of terms like "boosting" and so... Once more I'll let you look through the forum cause I don't have time to explain extensively right now. But know that you can gain LVL through player matches (if -like me- you're sick of ranked matches), though you rank up much slower. However, as a last resort method: if you have a turbo controller and found a boosting partner with one too... You could let your xbox rank up in player matches on its own while you do something else
  15. Happened to me too! The store at the Warehouse (Moresby) had a 91k Orange Single-Shot Rifle... No fancy name though. Of course I couldn't buy it and now it's most likely gone forever in the abyss of randomness :'( The difference is in the damage dealt when you get a critical hit. The first of each "family" (fire, electricity, bleeding, poison) is "x1" elemental damage. And it goes up to "x4". The best example for this are the Shock mods as it has all 4 levels. You can tell which one is which by looking at the Cost of the creation: x1 200$ (ex: Shock) x2 400$ (ex: High-Voltage) x3 600$ (ex: Short-Circuit) x4 1000$ (ex: Old-Smokey) The "x4" of each elemental family is limited to a precise weapon though (Old-Smokey = Machete, Phoenix = Fire Axe...), and requires a green ingredient (LP4000 battery, Flare...)
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