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  1. I have a question... Every time I load the game, it tells me it can't connect to the Ubisoft servers. I wait and wait until I am connected to then start playing the game. If I was to play the game not being connected to the servers, I can carry on playing collecting everything and it'll save the progress right? The only thing the Ubisoft servers is for is the multiplayer side, correct? Cause I'm wasting so much time waiting to be connected that I'm not making alot of progress on the game. I just want what I do to save correctly and achievements pop if I'm going to play not connected to the servers.
  2. So after three/nearly 4 hours of loaded the game up and trying to connect, and speaking on Live Chat with Ubisoft, they confirmed the servers to the game AREN'T closed so online multiplayer, etc should be still up and running (which is good!). Aaaaand I've just loaded up the game for the 8th time and its connected to the servers instantly and clicking Uplay option works instantly too. I've wasted half the day not playing the game and researching online but all is good now
  3. So I decided to play Watch_Dogs for the first time today and I'm greeted with this message... "You are not connected to Ubisoft servers. Would you like to connect now?" I confirm as I want to continue and then I get this Error... "Sorry, the Ubisoft service is not currently available. Please try again later. For more information, contact http://support.ubisoft.com." I've been playing Division 1 & 2 for the past 3 months non-stop and I know Ubisoft and the servers are fine. Even the Uplay App loads and works on my phone. Surely they haven't closed the servers for this game already? Is anyone else experiencing this problem because I dont want to start the game if I can't 100% it and collect all the achievements.
  4. I wished I could see these pictures. There's nothing to see apart from words in bold underlined and you can't click on them. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. I decided to finally play this title. Ive started on Hard and ive come across a level or two which is just not possible unless you do it perfectly. I've passed them but I'm now stuck on Episode 14 and met the Battlers. I know some tips to where they are so I can just attract 1 to Jack but I just keep dying. I've got Infinite Spin now also. Can anyone confirm that the right Mutant skin allows you to 1 hit Jack a Mutant, and also, I haven't completed Episode 14. Can I unlock the skin with the amount of attempts im Jacking the Battlers to unlock the skin for when I do complete the level? Allowing me to play Episode 15 with the Battler Skin. Hopefully that made sense :'l
  6. Please explain? If it's co-op do you loose lives?
  7. I've just got to Episode 14, started straight on Hard. Can I unlock the Battler Skin if I havent finished the level? I know that sounds stupid. I'm struggling with these bloody Battlers and I was hoping if I keep trying to finish level 14, and I keep dying but in the end Jack 35 Battlers, would it unlock and then when I do complete the level I'll have the skin and can use it on the next few levels. Or do i have to be the level first and then work on the 35 Jacks?
  8. Once I unlocked it I played through on am Easy playthrough using nothing but the Foam Finger. It was fun, really enjoyed it. My friend has just started playing Dead Space so I'm going to go back to it and playthrough it again.
  9. There's my guide on the first page as well... https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=583292
  10. A week ago I finally unlocked the Four Star General & Five Star General achievements after boosting with a various amount of players online. After every session I took a photo of the leaderboard with where I was positioned. It took a very long time and about 49 sessions to get there but I did it. If anyone is considering going for these achievements there ARE people who want to get them. I finished with about 6 players still going for them. Just find sessions and go for it. 2 hours a session isn't that bad. I've attached two of the photos I mentioned as I'm not going to post them all... One of my first session and one of my final score after my last. Go for it guys. There are people who still want to get it!
  11. The Predator special mission was a one off special event after the game was released. That mission should not affect your smuggling completions as it was a timed event. Have you double checked to see if you aren't missing one on your map? Or never actually finished one of the missions?
  12. UPDATE: 24/02/18 The title is taken off the stores, and I do believe the title wasn't compatiable with Windows 10.
  13. Yeah me and friend both got this and we need to finish 2 more maps. I just wished the Gold medal one unlocked as well. We keep getting 9880 score in 16 minutes on The River
  14. I doubt it. I really don't know personally. I aimed to get this done before Andromedia came out. I had done all the others apart from this so I thought I'd get this done before the Andromedia was released (which I failed to do). I know this is late but it'll be worth findimgout. It'll be good to know.
  15. Looks like back in 2015 they removed the title from Stores. Along with a Dead Space title. This sucks. If you have the title and not finished it then go ahead and play it as I'm still earning the achievements for it. Here's a link to the article about it: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/eas-mass-effect-infiltrator-and-dead-space-removed-from-app-store-738856%3famp=1&akamai-rum=off
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