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  1. send me a message on live GT dreamweaver1984.. im making about a million a hour now.. you dont need to have a tun to get started. hit me up for more info on live il be on for the next few hours
  2. been playing through campaign, def have done the requirements for several achievements, but so far only the level achievements are unlocking anyone else have this issue?
  3. IM having exact same problem.. just came here to post this...
  4. i completed chapter 7 in nightmare twice, still no achievment.. any ideas?
  5. lets all relax, we are ahead of the innitial time estimate, everything has been good, i had everyone on my friendslist, and have talked to several in parties, that said, most everyone was always posting here, and its the nice thing to do, its not required but it helps, and if you cant do races today, it helps to point that out as well everyone needs to just relax, have fun, im not saying he is, but what is the point in arguing that, its not like hes going to magically do what you say if you are correct.
  6. first off. you wont get to trade it in for more than 13$ at gamestop. 2k14 still gets over 28$ graphically its still in 2010 and the game is like begging you to do ingame micropurchases also the achievements will take a long time. and some will not be possible due to glitches/without microtransactions. Its been a long time since i bought a game that truly made me feel upset that i did.. and then NBA live 14 happened.
  7. if your having trouble searching for mine, i label most of them dream or x360a so try that.
  8. sry doing races now. edit : hey guys in this add me as friend online and invite to boost parties!
  9. iv viewed all these.. iv not been viewed enough for the achievements yet however.. Hrodward Laoz, ThunderRhino728, sakattak500, crashbox720, aminosav, mafia1614, hurner, little lee, lx Will 1981 xl, dreamweaver1984, brent1221, comet302, lambshot23, coreyrogers, vJazza94v edit, just be wary, some people here are lying about viewing photos, (i have 3 photos listed and 2 of them have been viewed 1 time, and the other 0 times..)
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