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  1. Anyone know why my 360 games all show 0% done?
  2. wenerdog


    Hello. My Gamer score today once I logged on after work said 24k which should be 170,000. I looked and all my 360 games read 0 however the games show what achievements I have unlocked. Side note, have a few that are "Done unlocking" in Halo MCC and one that does not show done unlocking but shows I did complete the task and have not unlocked. What is so wrong with my account?
  3. Looking for some people motivated to do some speed runs and par scores and various achievments
  4. Need a team that wants to do the quests in a row.
  5. wenerdog - Need to boost all COOP achievements! Speed run, PAR scores and laso.
  6. add wenerdog to knock the achievements that are not on public servers.
  7. Anyone want to partner up to unlock the double barrel? add me wenerdog
  8. Need a partner for all COOP and a few pain in the ass online achievements. wenerdog
  9. I am searching for motivated folks to do the lucky guess achievement or what ever it is called. Also a few others. wenerdog
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