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  1. Yeah, too bad. They still run ads for it on Windows 8.1, but when you click Play, it just takes you to the Windows Store start page :-(
  2. Furthermore, from the achievement list we have: Avengers 1943
  3. Yeah, I hope so too. Haven't 5-starred or gold-starred any song either yet.
  4. I can't find the pickaxe in the crafting menu. Weird. I'm playing on the lowest difficulty level. Should that matter? Edit: Nevermind. I just had to place the crafting table on the ground :-)
  5. Can't play it anymore. It says 0/1.000.000 and I cannot access neither in Albion nor in Dark Albion. Earlier, I believe it was X/
  6. Just got it using the Guitar Hero drums. Use RED button to roll to the starting line.
  7. heinstach

    Nothing left?

    So, now that the black monolith riddle has been forcefully "solved", are we out of secrets? Or could we perhaps expect dlc?
  8. 5 years certainly seems like a long time for a game like Fez. I wish they'd release Lost Vikings - with online co-op :-)
  9. We've had a number of great puzzle-platformers on the Xbox 360. Limbo Braid Fez Have other Fez-like games been announced?
  10. I'm having trouble with this too and at 62 (31/31) cubes Must you solve this to 200/200 the game?
  11. Could someone please tell me how to reach this cube? :-) http://share.xboxlife.dk/file/yjjhmtu0zgm5mtvhoddkmzzjzwy2nwqxndfizmu1nzq.jpg
  12. The 4 sides are all different, corresponding to the 4 maps shown in the solution. Start with the side that matches the first map. The map shows where there are doors and where there are no doors, so it should be easy to identify among the 4.
  13. Check the solution in the first post. It says which map to use first and so forth.
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