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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. After spending around 6 hours in the raid last night I am kind of disappointed in it. I found it more annoying than hard and the recommended light levels that binge suggested are a joke.
  3. Prestige mode is active in the game for the nightfall. To activate it you need to select the nightfall and change the difficulty to prestige in the director. It has a recommended 300 power level and once you start the activity you cannot change your loadout.
  4. It's pretty much the PC game and barring the bugs I am enjoying it as much as the PC. I decided to run a Templar as my first character on the Xbox, For anyone who is new to PoE I would recommend looking up builds for your chosen class as respecing is expensive.
  5. Got my invite and as a nice bonus you can invite up to three other friends into the beta which will help some of my friends just which ones lol.
  6. Well I seem to be a bit buggered I am now level 23 and I still have no achievements popping. It makes me wish I had installed some mods.
  7. When you use mods separate save file is created with (M) added to the end to designate that its a modded game. However All achievements are disabled on this save no matter if you have the mods loaded or not to earn achievements you can only use the saves without the (M) on them.
  8. The mods on the PC are run through Nexus which is a third party site that hosts mods. the mod that bypasses the Achievement locking is on there so it kind of gets round the Steam terms of services. I cannot see anything like this on the Xbox as the mods are all run through bethesda and they wont allow any mods that break terms and services agreements of any of the supported platforms.
  9. Rockstar have just officially announced Red Dead Redemption 2 if you go to http://www.RedDeadOnline.com You get a flash page that reads Red dead redemption 2. Trailer coming October 20, 11 AM ET.
  10. One thing I know me and Barad will agree on is the damn loading times. Seriously I cannot understand the loading times in multiplayer there at least twice as long as BF4's or more
  11. They have already started putting out mods for the xbox one version, Bethesda sent out advanced copies to certain modders and other to test out the integrity of the mods. As of writing this there are 18 mods available from Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town which is a lore heavy integrated mod with voice acting and quests to Call of Trainwiz which is a shout that summons trains of death.... Yeah I just wrote that
  12. You can quit the game at the end of a map. Look in the bottom left and it says press Y to quit. I am wondering if the customizing option is just inactive until the game launches as they are updating the website as well so it maybe added in later
  13. All you lose is the bonus xp for the game and the chance of the random battlepack being awarded to you but apart from that there seems to be no penalty.
  14. That's how I cleared the quest on all 3 toons.
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