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  1. I noticed this just went up on Games on Demand, and was thinking of downloading it. Are you still able to find a quick match online easily? Or will it show "1 Players Online"?
  2. Looking for a coop partner, havent even started game yet. Will probably do whole campaign in one or two sittings. GT: Lavathing9 Send me a friend request if interested.
  3. I agree, this is the first RTS I've actually enjoyed playing on a Console. I am a huge RTS fan and the game has enough depth, even in the demo, to keep me interested. Also, the game isnt straight Rock-Paper-Scissors like most RTS. An air unit can easily kill an Anti-Air unit if the owner has upgraded it more and uses special attacks effectivally. One issue I see is how easy it for me. I am not sure if it is just myself being good at RTS's, or the game is just that easy. I have played and beaten the skirmish mode on the demo with both the humans and covenant on Heroic (Highest mode available on demo) and did not run into many issues. I found that the computer really liked to rush early on Heroic. So I just started with 2 turrets turned into flame/plasma turrets and made 3 warehouses in the back of my base to boost my economy early. Since the AI spent all his money on troops, he has non-upgraded warehouses and low amounts of money. The turrets kill the attackers easily, especially the medium turrets, and if you are the covenant and have Regret helping out. Anyways, I found that either the Orbital Attacks (MAC Bomb) are too weak, or the Hero Units (Regret) are too strong. My fully Upgraded Regret VS fully upgraded MAC gun, and I always win with Regret. A full uipgraded Regreat took down my enemy's whole army once. He has huge Plasma Rod Canons, 2 Sentinal Guards, Awesome Beam of Doom, He Flys, and has personal shields. Not to mention if I bring in 5 engineers to heal him so much he CANNOT die to anything less than ALOT of uber units fully upgraded. Just my 2 cents, I'm actually excited for this...suprisingly.
  4. How can you enjoy a game on easy? Why not just watch the game online rather than play it on easy. Easy is a waste of time. No simpathy. Also, GoW doesn't have a Legendary mode, that's Halo.
  5. GT: Lavathing9 Faction: SPTZ Available weekdays 3:30 - 8:00 PM Available weenends 10:00 AM - Midnight
  6. What exactly is it then? Is it like, right now you have 6 engineers...and now you will have 9 or something?
  7. Lavathing9

    Need Help

    I just finished the game and got a fair amount of achievements, I just need someone to help me get all the coop stuff. If anyone is interested please post here, I have a mic and my GT is Lavathing9.
  8. Lavathing9


    Thanks, this is my first play through and I'm going for good this time, I'll try that perk set next time round =D
  9. Lavathing9


    I noticed there are alot more perks than you get get via leveling up in the game. What are the best perks, or what you got, for each level? First perk I got was the one where you get 10% more EXP for all EXP you get, then I got the one that makes Small Guns do more damage.
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