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  1. I unlocked Storm King's Champion today, and it only unlocked once I moved to the Sea of Moving Ice after completing the final boon task. So you either need to be in the Sea of Moving Ice, or you need to switch zones after completing the final boon, or I had a really weird glitch.
  2. This doesn't belong in the bitching thread, but it seems the most active. I pulled a Glorious Resurgence Legendary Pack,. It says I get to choose from the following, but I don't know what to choose: [Emperor Beetle] [Black Ice Warhorse] [Tenser's Floating Disk] [Imperial Rage Drake] [Skeleton Steed] [Token of Chromatic Storm] [Sigil of the Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn] I could use a faster mount, and I rather like that floating disk. Then again, an orange artifact would help my IL. I also play a SW so unlocking the dragonborn race would help if I rerolled. I could also just post the box on the AH. Any suggestions?
  3. Finished this today. Had trouble with Batman on Crime Alley, and Robin on Monarch Theater. The rest were tough, but I spent the most time on those two runs. I think 9/10 difficulty is appropriate. I can't recall having this much aggravation from achievements since Dishonored's Dunwall Trials. crocodial, I had that kind of thing happen all the time, too. You go in for an attack at the same exact moment that a different enemy decides to attack. and you get smacked while you're busy. Another thing that bugged me: on Iceberg Lounge I would constantly have thugs chase me around the map to hit me. Most would stay put if I dodged away from them, but there would occasionally be that one guy who just had to follow me wherever I went, until he hit me, or I hit him. It was weird.
  4. I have a gaming session for the two DLC Chaos Squad achievements tomorrow Jan. 20 at 3pm Pacific Time. We're still three people short right now, if anyone is interested in joining. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=572540
  5. This is the list of WP7-only games from the games listing thread: Babel Rising 3D* Big Buck Hunter Pro DoDonPachi Maximum Fable Coin Golf Fruit Ninja* Full House Poker Ghostscape Glow Artisan Hasta La Muerte iBomber Defense KenKen Minesweeper OMG: Our Manic Game Orbital Pac-Man Kart Rally Pool Pro Online 3 Rabbids Go Phone Sid Meier's Pirates Splinter Cell Conviction Tentacles The Harvest The Oregon Trail Zombie Attack 2: Second Wave I looked up Fable Coin Golf, OMG, Orbital, Rabbids Go Phone, The Harvest, and The Oregon Trail, and all were available (I own all of these except Fable). I downloaded Rabbids, and it crashes on the second screen, so I suspect none of these games work properly or at all.
  6. I got The 4th Horseman shotgun, Zhalo Supercell auto rifle (with arc damage), and a year 2 version of armor for my warlock. Three engrams from about 15 coins, which isn't terrible.
  7. "The Wolves of Mars" quest is given by Variks, not Petra.
  8. "The Wolves of Mars" quest is given by Variks, not Petra.
  9. The red Ghost shell that was included with the original 2014 Collector's Edition was a Legendary, But I'm guessing you don't have that one.
  10. Are there any new sources of dragons in this expansion? Either full-fledged ones, or little ones like Caverns of Karrundax had?
  11. My achievement for beating Tiamat retroactively unlocked on 7/24/2015. Neat.
  12. So how do we unlcok The Shores of Tuern and Lair of Lostmauth now? They aren't listed in the TOD campaign anymore. Am I missing something?
  13. Yeah. I went to the dungeon key vendor, and had him tell me about epic dungeons. He said level only 70 players can queue for them.
  14. Just got back into the game, and I'm lost. I can't remember how my SW was specced, and I'm just staring at my power screen. Sigh. And epic dungeons now require level 70? Double sigh.
  15. Yes you can. I played through MM1-5 normally, and used the password for MM6. The achievement for beating each game unlocks when you beat Wily. Keep in mind that for Full Set (beating all six games), you need to do it in one session.
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