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  1. Hello everyone. Is there a way to download the free DLC (Ryan Industries Plasmids and Gene Tonics) blocked by region? I've already tried change region on xbox one, but still locked. This is the only achievement left for my 100% completation. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a partner to do veteran and professional Desperate Escape. GT: lLeoOneBR (L is the first letter)
  3. thank you. thats right. that mark is showing the challenge, not the flags to complete the challenge. kind of weird, but i can reach 100%.
  4. Hello ! Need help.. The flag appears on the map. But where indicated, it is as if collected. Not allow to get 100% Any solutions? video for illustration. Thanks. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRqnkT1RKCM[/ame]
  5. Dont give it up man ! Just make a save copy in other device.
  6. Just happened to me Mission 11 on hard, after end scene the xbox froze and i got corrupt save Now, every mission complete I copy the save in the cloud. PS: I have a physical copy.
  7. Anywhere I've read has said you can collect the letter scraps any time you want during the game, unlike the spaceship parts. I own the strategy guide, and I've went to the spot of three different ones now, and none of them were there. Anyone else have this problem? Do I need to do something else to activate them before I can start collecting? Or is my game just faulty in the areas? I'm at 79% of game (all missions, spaceships, etc.) I've tried: - different characters - reload previous saves - did some missions to get gold and return the locations - about 10 different scrap latter locations - Collected spaceship and submarine parts, etc I really want to reach 100% but I don't want to start all over again. Sorry for my bad english. thanks
  8. @EagleRico Thanks for your help. Anything that could try to solve my problem is very appreciated I already collected all spaceship parts, but I'll try to visit same location and see whats happen. See you.
  9. I Have the same problem.. I reloaded previous saves, but not success.. I Can't find any scrap letters. Social club says I have none. Any Ideais how to solve that? Thanks.
  10. Hi. Im stuck at 98.5% but i know how to find the cho chung (or whatever) character.. The problem is the room where has 4 owls to make u upper the platform, doesnt work. I stayed in the platform, but it never move.. If i change the time, it works, but desapear the character in upper room where have the 3 discs. Have I glitched and ill have to make all again? Thanks.
  11. My GT is lLeoOneBR. Send me an invite and a message, and we will do this!
  12. My GT is lLeoOneBR. Send me an invite and a message, and we will do this!
  13. I need someone who hasn't played Co-op before. Only this achievement left to me complete the game. GT: lLeoOneBR
  14. Thank you guys for the Blast tips... I was trying with the Velocita for 30 minutes and I got it in the second try with the Blast. :woop:
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