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  3. Sounds good. I will have to play around with it more. Like I said, it's the one mission on the table I haven't been able to beat, so I just pulled my information from what others had said.
  4. That's personally the only mission I haven't beat yet and what's stopping me from getting the perfectionist achievement. All the other missions are pretty simple but this one i have a rough time with. I described how to beat it in the achievement guide though. You just have to be quick at hitting the spinners. If you get three or four good hits through the spinners right from the start you should be able to beat it.
  5. I personally got mine from the 30,000 legends of the lawn packs. It didn't take me very many either, but other people seem to be having problems getting them quickly. A few people have said they found some of the DLC zombies in the 20,000 packs but I don't know for sure if they are.
  6. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90192-lo.jpg Tony Stark 10:gsicon: You have completed all Tony Stark missions on the Iron Man table. To complete this achievement you have to complete all six missions. These aren’t missions in the normal sense as you only have to light up icons on the table by hitting ramps. Science Award: Use the upper left flipper to hit the SCIENCE ramp that will take you around the mini orbit. You have to do this eight times. Stock Market: Hit the left red ramp that says STOCK MARKET eight times to finish it. Party: Hit the yellow lamp on the center right that says PARTY eight times to finish this one. Stark Tower: Hit the STARK ramp on the left eight times. Shield Multiball: Hit the two targets on the right to knock them down and then sink the ball in the hole that is revealed. Two more times will start the multiball. Shield Target Practice: Hit the left orbit six times to light up the three symbols underneath it. Also hit the right orbit six times. After that hit the ball up the STARK TOWER ramp, which takes you to a mini table where you have to hit targets. Whether you hit all the targets or fail it will still count. After all 6 missions are done you will unlock the achievement. It doesn’t matter what order you do them in. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90193-lo.jpg Golden Hoard 10:gsicon: The ancient treasure trove on Blade is now liberated from the clutches of vampires. Launch the ball and catch it on either flipper to hold it still then hold the launch button until night mode starts on the table. At the top of the table you will see a large sinkhole under the mini table. On the dot matrix you will have to use the bumpers to select the vampire face out of the four on the screen. Select the vampire and sink the ball in the hole again. This time you have to select the vampire twice and then you will unlock the achievement. If you take too long to the table will sometimes revert back to normal mode. If that happens catch the ball again and hold launch until night mode starts again. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90194-lo.jpg Clever Hand 10:gsicon: Hand ninja defeated by a dumped ball on Wolverine. Use the upper right flipper to pop the ball into the hand ninja lane on the left of the table. The ball will drop through the mutagen chamber, which is the green tube on the right. The hand ninja mode will start and you will see ninjas pop up along the table and hold shields above their heads. Launch the ball and when it exits the chamber it will slide to the right along a wire above the ninjas. Right before its above a ninja hit either of the bumpers and the ball will drop. If timed correctly the ball should land on top of a ninja and the achievement will be yours. DLC: The Walking Dead Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90972-lo.jpg High Five 10:gsicon: You high fived Duck on The Walking Dead table. Another really simple achievement. Toward the top right of the table you will see a zombie sticking out of a hole that says keep out. Hit him three times with the ball and he will drop out of sight allowing you to access the mission hole that he had been blocking. Hit the mission hole and use the flippers to select the third mission, LONG ROAD AHEAD. It's completely random what choice you get when you select that mission, but the one you are looking for is High Five Duck. If you don't get it just hit the zombie and enter the mission hole to try again . I got it on my fourth try so it didn't take long at all. After you choose to high five Duck the achievement will unlock. DLC: South Park Pinball http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/93625-lo.jpg I'm not your friend, buddy! 10:gsicon: You started the Windy Bumpers on the South Park's Super-Sweet Pinball table. On the right side of the table you will see four bumpers, two of which Terrance and Phillip sit atop. Your goal is to hit any of those four bumpers 50 times over the course of a single game. It doesn't have to be done on one ball so if you drain once or twice don't worry. You can hit the bumpers by shooting the ball to the right or along the far left lane. I would suggest the far left lane as its easy to hit and will net you a lot more bumps in one shot. After you hit them 50 times Windy Bumpers mode will start and the achievement will pop. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/93626-lo.jpg Pimped Out 10:gsicon: You got one of the outfits in Butters' Outfit game mode on the Butters' Very Own Pinball. A really simple and straight forward achievement. Shoot your ball along the far left lane to drop it into the bumpers on the right side of the table. Continue to do this until your ball bounces off the bumpers 30 times. A counter will appear on the dot matrix as you do it to let you know how many more you need. Don't worry if you accidentally drain the ball as it will keep your progress over the course of all three balls. After you hit the required amount you will start Butters Outfit mode. Once that happens shoot the ball through the spinner on the right to unlock the achievement.
  7. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90219-lo.jpg Enemies Of Asgard 10:gsicon: You have completed all the Asgard missions on the Thor table. As the achievement says you have to complete all Asgard missions. There are five to beat. To start the missions hit the ball into the middle hole three times to spell URU. Afterwards the rainbow bridge hole will open and you can shoot the ball in to start a mission. The Destroyer: The goal is to bring down the shield of the Destroyer. On the Dot Matrix you will see the shield % at 50. You have to bring it down to 0. You can do this with the left orbit or the left hole, but the easiest way is to hit the right orbit so the ball bounces around the bumpers, which will help you win really quickly. Ymir's Attack: There will be a couple flashing lanes that alternate back and forth. Hit these ramps to hurt Ymir. As you're doing this Thor's health will drain, so if you need to, hit the right green ramp to get his health back. After you hit Ymir seven times you will win the mode. Brother's Duel: Loki and Thor both have seven health points. The goal is to hit the correct ramps and lanes to attack Loki. Avoid the right lane and right orbit completely to avoid hurting Thor and stick to all the ramps on the left side to defeat Loki by hitting them seven times. Ymir Rages Again: From the start the Asgard and Loki ramp will be blocked by ice. Ymir will breathe ice occasionally, causing damage to Thor. So you only have a limited time to finish this mission before you die. Hit the ball into any of the sink holes under either volcano to set your ball ablaze. You have 30 seconds to hit the ice blocks twice to break them so you can hit the ramps and strike Ymir. If the flame goes out just hit the ball back into the sink hole to ignite it again. Once the ice blocks are broken hit those lanes enough times to kill Ymir and win. The Destroyer in Asgard: You have 60 seconds to hit three shots and take a health point off the Destroyer. The first shot is the sinkhole under the right volcano. The second shot is using the upper left flipper to hit the right orbit. The third shot is using the upper right flipper to hit the left armor lane. You have to do this three times in order to win the mode. DLC: Core Collection Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90183-lo.jpg New Discovery 10:gsicon: Probe launched successfully on the Secrets of the Deep table. In the middle of the table you will see the words CRANE blinking. Hit the ball there and on the left of the table a red light will start blinking as the crane becomes active. Sink the ball in that and the crane will pick it up. Somewhere in the middle area of the table a random light will start blinking. Your goal is to move the ball with the flippers until you’re over the spot that’s blinking. When you are there, use the launch button to drop the ball. If done right it will stick where it lands and launch the probe, netting you the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90184-lo.jpg Munifex 10:gsicon: Two successful shots completed against the galleon during Mock Warfare on the Rome table. On the right hand side of the table you will see a target with three yellow walls spaced out behind it. Hit this four times and then hit the ball up the ramp to the left of the target. The ball will divert over to the siege tower where you can now pick a mission. Use the bumpers to pick the one that says MOCK WARFARE. On the bottom left you will see catapults. You will have five seconds to launch the ball into a catapult to fire at the ships. I always press launch when the light blinks red behind the catapult and it seems to work. Repeat this with the next catapult to win the mode and the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90185-lo.jpg Cozy Cookie 10:gsicon: Awarded by the Mad Professor for not misbehaving too much on the Biolab table! This achievement is really easy to get as you only have to score a million points on the table. Hit the ramps and the orbits. Just play around on the table and you should get it in no time. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90186-lo.jpg Legendary Swordsman 10:gsicon: You defeated all of the guardians of the hidden mini-playfield on the Pasha table.} To start you need to sink your ball into the Oasis hole. To do that, use the upper right flipper to shoot the ball up the small left lane. It can only be accessed that way. You can also access by the palace ramp on the right, but sometimes you can’t if a mode is about to start, so I would stick to the oasis hole. Once you shoot it into either one your ball will be dropped into a mini playing field. A ton of soldiers will be moving and you have to hit all of them down with the ball. There’s a steal pin between the flippers and if the ball hits it, it will save your ball, but then it will drop. You can make it come back up again by hitting one of the stationary soldiers at the top of the table. It is very difficult to hit all the soldiers in one go and you will probably have to try a lot. If you drain the ball or hit it out the top of the table you will have to try again. Good luck because you will need it. DLC: Excalibur Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90211-lo.jpg Glorious victory 10:gsicon: Invasion of Camelot has been repelled on the Excalibur table. Hit the ball up the right lane so it drops into the bumpers. Keep doing this until you hear Expel the invaders announced, which happens after hitting the bumpers around 15 times. Hit the Modred ramp on the right, it’s the one with all the red on it, to enter the mini table. Here’s the hard part. There are 3 targets at the top of this mini table. You have to hit all three down about ten times to win the mode. It is a timed mode so be as quick as you can. Once all the invaders have been repelled you will unlock the achievement. DLC: Earth Defense Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90197-lo.jpg Artilleryman 10:gsicon: You are the master of cannons on Earth Defense table. Before you launch the ball you will see on the Dot Matrix a target moving across the screen. You want to launch the ball as soon as you see the target over the robot. This will nab you a random bonus that will appear on the Dot Matrix. It will most likely take a lot of tries until you get the one that you want, but keep restarting the table until you get the Cannon Opened skill. You’ll know you got the correct one when you see a car driving away from a robot on the dot matrix. When you get the bonus, shoot the ball into the subway tunnel on the lower right of the table. The cannon will be loaded and fired at the robot, unlocking the achievement. DLC: Marvel Pinball Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90191-lo.jpg Party Time 10:gsicon: Aunt May's Dinner Party started on Spider-Man. This one isn’t too difficult. There are three ramps that say websling in front of them. Hit each ramp once. One is the center lane. The next one you have to hit the right ramp and then use the upper right flipper to hit the lane. For the last one hit the left ramp and then use the upper left flipper to hit the top right lane. Hit the three ramps again to unlock the achievement.
  8. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90189-lo.jpg Hulk's Revenge 10:gsicon: You have completed all the Main and Side missions on the World War Hulk table. Get ready for the tough long haul on this one. Oh and skill, did I mention skill? Side missions first. Sakaar Ship Multiball: Shoot the SAKAAR orbit on the left 6 times to light up the word and also the SHIP orbit on the right until that word is lit up. After that lock three balls in either orbit or a combination of orbits to start the multiball. Evacuate Manhattan: Shoot the RAGE ramp in the middle of the table six times to start this side mission. The goal is to collect civilians from the different ramps and orbits. Some will give you 5 and some will give you ten. Once you hit 50 civilians you will have to hit the ARENA to transport them out before you can keep collecting more. Strength Multiball: Shoot the STRENGTH ramp 5 times until the power bar is full. A sink hole will open up on the STRENGTH ramp and once you sink a ball in it the multiball will start. FOR THESE THREE SIDE MISSIONS YOU JUST HAVE TO ACTIVATE THEM FOR IT TO COUNT. FOR THE NEXT SIDE MISSION YOU HAVE TO BEAT IT FOR IT TO COUNT TOWARD THE ACHIEVEMENT. The Arena: Keep hitting the ARENA ramp to light up the letters and on the sixth shot you will actually enter the Arena. Hit all 4 ramps with the different super hero heads. Hit the two targets that then pop up and afterward the ramp behind them. That will leave just the middle sink hole, which you have to hit to exit and complete this side mission. MAIN MISSIONS: To start the main missions hit the mission sinkhole on the upper right five times and then once more to lock the ball and start. You can select whatever mission you want with the flipper buttons. Iron Man Hulkbuster: To beat this mission you have to beat the Hulkbuster with 3 right punches and 3 left punches. For the right punch hit the ARENA ramp, and when the ball drops you have 15 seconds to shoot it up the RAGE ramp. For the left punch shoot the HULK ramp and when the ball is released you will have 15 seconds to hit the STRENGTH ramp. Do this three times for each one to complete this mission. Fantastic Four the Thing: You have to beat the Thing in this mission and it's timed. Hit the ARENA ramp and then the HULK ramp. The ball will come out by the top right flipper and you have to be quick to hit the ball into the third ramp the HIVELING. If you miss this shot you have to start from the beginning with the ARENA ramp again. Do this three times to complete the mission. If you are running low on time hit either the left or right WARBOUND lane. X-Men Wolverine: When you start, four ramps will be blocked by different colored claws. The HIVELING and ARENA ramps will be blocked by blue claws. The RAGE and STRENGTH ramp have green claws blocking them. Sink the ball into the GAMMA hole on the left to charge it and then you can take out the green claws by hitting them With each charge you have 20 seconds before it disappears. Hit the HULK ramp on the left to charge the ball blue and then you can break down the blue claws. After destroying all four claws hit all four ramps again to win the mode. Dr. Strange: To start hit either the RAGE ramp or the STRENGTH ramp. When you do, a second ball will release on the table. Now hit whatever ramp you didn't hit the first time and a third ball will drop. Ramps and orbits will light up and with the multiball going you need to hit six of them. With that done hit either the right or left WARBOUND lanes to lock the balls and win. During the multiball you can drain one ball and any more will fail the mission for you. Finish all of these during one game and the achievement is yours. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90190-lo.jpg Blitzkrieg USA 10:gsicon: All targets collected during Blitzkrieg USA on the Fear Itself table. Hit the right sink hole on the table to start one of the modes. The mode you want is Blitzkrieg USA. There are quite a few modes you might get so it could possibly take you a few times to get the corect one. Once you do get this mode 5 targets will rise on the table and a robot will start attacking them. To win the mode and get the achievement you have to knock down all the targets without the robot destroying any of them. It can be annoying to get this because the robot will get in the way of the targets some times while he's shooting them. Do your best to shoot around him as he moves around the table and always try and hit the target that the robot is currently shooting. He has a machine gun so it takes a little bit for him to destroy a target. When you destroy all five targets in one go you will unlock the achievement. DLC: Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90207-lo.jpg Moon Copter 10:gsicon: The Moon Copter has taken off straight for the skies on the Moon Knight table. This one is a super easy achievement. Hit the right ramp four times to start a locking process. Now hit three balls up there and each one will lock. After the third ball a multi ball mode will start and soon after the achievement will unlock. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90208-lo.jpg Stunt Rider 10:gsicon: Three rounds in a row completed on the jump ramp of the Ghost Rider table. For this achievement it just takes a little bit of timing. Hit the ball up the center ramp that says JUMP. Ghost Rider will pop a wheelie allowing you to shoot it up the ramp again. Do this and as the ball comes down the left side hit it with the left upper flipper to send it flying around that top loop. Manage to do this three times in one go with that left upper flipper and you will unlock the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90209-lo.jpg Assemble The Team 10:gsicon: 3 heroes aided the Professor in his battle against Magneto. The goal is to get three of the X-men to join you in the battle against Magneto. Luckily this achievement isn't overly difficult. Now, there's two different ways you can go about unlocking characters for this achievement. You can hit the Storm ramp on the right, but you have to make sure the ball makes it all the way down into the funnel. The shot is a little tricky since the best way to hit it is off the upper left flipper. If you make the shot three times a random X-Men ramp will light up and you have around 30 seconds to hit the ramp and recruit them to your team. The other method involves hitting the UNITE ramp on the left until you spell out the word. Hit the ramp one more time and all the hero lanes will blink. You will have about 10 seconds to hit any one of the lit lamps and recruit an X-Men. The next time you go after an X-Men you will have one less ramp to shoot for. Whatever way you choose, repeat the process three times and the achievement will unlock. Personally for me I found the UNITE ramp the easiest.
  9. DLC: Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90179-lo.jpg Notorious smuggler 10:gsicon: The cargo has been placed perfectly in the secret compartments 3 times on the Han Solo table. First off, hit the ball up the left smuggle ramp. Your goal here is to spell out the word smuggle, which will then give you access to the upper pinball table on the Millennium Falcon. To access the table after you've spelled out smuggle just shoot it back up the smuggler ramp. You will enter a crane mode and the goal is to drop the ball into the correct cargo hold. On the dot matrix it will show you which hold to drop it in. The left flipper button will move the crane down while the right flipper will move the crane to the right. The launch button drops the ball. You have ten seconds to maneuver the crane to the right spot, so try and use the shadow from the ball to gauge where it will land. If for any reason you pass the hole by accident don't move and the crane will start to go back to its starting point, thus giving you a chance to still get it. Repeat this process two more times and you will unlock this achievement. Overall it's only difficult because the crane controls are a little wonky, but with practice it's manageable. Just remember the ball can lock no matter what hole you drop it in but for the achievement it must be the secret compartment the dot matrix shows you. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90180-lo.jpg Sand People! Or worse! 10:gsicon: You completed a Tusken Raider mode on Star Wars™: Episode IV table. Hit the left orbit six times to spell the work TUSKEN. After the sixth time you will be taken to the mini playing field up in the top left. The goal is to maneuver your ball around the raider trying to hit you. Use the flipper buttons to move the ball right and left. After dodging his strikes a few times the mode will end and you will get the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90181-lo.jpg Fix C-3PO 10:gsicon: R2-D2 repaired the unfortunate C-3PO on the Star Wars™ Pinball: Droids™ table. In the middle part of the table you will see three gold targets. Hit all three of those and then sink the ball into the mission hole that is revealed. You can use the flippers to select which mission you want, but just pick the first one, Fix C-3PO. Six C-3PO parts will be scattered across the table and flashing yellow lights will designate which lane you have to shoot the ball through to score a part. When you succesfully get one of the parts your ball will turn gold and you will have to sink it in the R2D2 sink hole before you can gather any more parts. The R2D2 hole is on the right between two lanes and its a pretty easy shot. Repeat these steps five more times until you have collected all the parts and unlocked the achievement. Since this is a mission you do have to collect all the parts in one go. There is no time limit so don't worry about that, but if you do drain your ball you will have to redo the mission again from the start. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90182-lo.jpg New Master of the Force 10:gsicon: Master combo reached on the Masters of the Force table. To complete the master combo you have to hit certain lanes and orbits in order. Hit the right orbit first and then the illusions lane right next to it. Follow this by hitting the left orbit and as the ball is coming out of the orbit quickly hit it with the upper right flipper to send it up the left ramp. You have to be quick though otherwise it will reset and you have to start over again. When you complete it you will get a chance at an extra ball and the achievement. DLC: Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90203-lo.jpg All wings report in! 10:gsicon: You started the Death Star multiball on the Star Wars™: Episode VI Return of the Jedi table. In the middle of the table you will see a ramp that says DEATH STAR. Keep hitting that ramp until DEATH STAR is spelled out. A large orange hologram of the death star will appear. Hit that repeatedly to power it up and watch your progress on the dot matrix. When you are done powering it up shoot it back up into the orange hologram to lock your ball. Now repeat this whole process two more times to start the death star multiball and unlock the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90204-lo.jpg Rookie Pilot 10:gsicon: You survived a round in the Lone Fighter Mode on the Starfighter Assault table. This table gives you the chance to upgrade your pilot by earning credits and hitting the left orbit that says PROMOTE. Avoid doing this at all costs and save yourself the annoyance because the more promotions you get the more missions you open, thus making it more difficult to get the one you want. So don't promote and stay where you're at. Now in the middle of the table are three black targets. Hit those and then shoot into the far right sinkhole. It's best to shoot off the tip of the left flipper to make it. This will take you to lone fighter mode. You will have to shoot a bunch of ships down by moving right and left with the flippers and firing with the launch button. Ships will be flying at you from all directions and you will need to shoot them down because if they get past you part of your shield will be lost. And when your shield hits 0 the mode ends and you lose. After shooting down several ships you will have a boss type ship that is easy to hit. Then it repeats for two more waves. It's really difficult to hit the ships and not have them destroy your shield and you will probably get frustrated. Just keep at it and you will get it eventually. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90205-lo.jpg The Best Starfighter Pilot 10:gsicon: You have wasted 5 X-wings in the Trench Run mode on the Star Wars™: Darth Vader table. In the upper left on the table there's a ramp that says TIE/X1. Hit the ball repeatedly through that ramp until you spell it out. After it's all spelled out a hurry up mode will start and you will have 60 seconds to hit the bumpers on the table 25 times. Just shoot the ball back up the same ramp to drop it into the bumpers, which isn't too hard. With that done hit the TRENCH hole toward the upper middle of the table. This will take you to a trench right out of the movies and your job is to shoot down 5 X-wings before you die or time runs out. Move your ship left and right with the bumpers and shoot with the launch button. Each X-wing takes a few shots to go down and you will have to dodge oncoming obstacles as you play. Overall it's not to hard though and after five are taken out you will unlock the achievement. DLC: Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90187-lo.jpg A Legend Returns 10:gsicon: Captain America's ball was saved from certain death with a bang back on Marvel's The Avengers table. To get this you will end up needing to nudge your ball. Normally this is done with the sticks on the controller but for some reason it works better for this achievement if you go into settings and switch it to the D-pad. Now make sure you select the Captain America ball and then launch it toward the bumpers. Hold the left flipper completely up and wait for the ball to roll down from the right. If done correctly it should roll up the left wall under the flipper and as it comes back down nudge up and right on the D-pad. If you're lucky enough the ball will pop back up onto the table and net you the achievement. This one is kind of finicky, so sometimes even if it looks like you accomplished it, it won't count. Keep trying with this method and eventually you'll get it. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90188-lo.jpg Surfin' in Space 10:gsicon: You scored a Surfer Award on The Infinity Gauntlet table. Toward the back right of the table you will see a raised area with three bumpers. Your goal is to hit the ball up there by using the furthest ramp to the right. Let the ball bounce around and drain out so it lands on the Silver Surfer's surfboard. Do this a total of five times to start surfer mode. Silver Surfer will move to the upper part of the table on the left. Hit the left orbit before the mode ends and you will unlock the achievement as the Surfer smacks the ball.
  10. DLC: Zen Classics Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90212-lo.jpg Earth, wind, flood and fire 10:gsicon: One of the four disasters summoned on the Shaman table. Toward the back of this table you will see a smaller table where the word CAST is. The goal is to make it up into this table and to do that you need to drop a ramp. You can do this by hitting the flame holes above the colorful swirls on the right and left side of the table. Once you sink it in either hole a ramp will drop down in the middle and you will only have a few seconds to shoot the ball over it and into the mini table. Inside the mini table you will have to use the flippers to hit all seven targets that spell out the word ELEMENT. It's okay if you don't get them all on your first try. You will just have to get the ramp back down again and jump back into the mini table. If you lose a ball though during this part of the process you will have to start completely over. After ELEMENT is spelled out you then have to hit any of the 4 targets for the disasters in the mini table. It doesn't matter which one you hit, but when you do it will show you which one you got up on the mini tables dot matrix. Now let your ball drop out of the mini table and the last step is to knock the ball up the middle into the hole underneath the word CAST four times to start disaster mode and net the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90213-lo.jpg Ancient trap 10:gsicon: The Giant Ball ramp completed on the El Dorado table. On the left side of the table is a long winding ramp with a picture of a boulder right in front of it. This achievement is as simple as hitting this ramp five times over the course of a single game. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90214-lo.jpg Wealthy patron 10:gsicon: 500.000 points or more secured in Funding Hurry-up on the Tesla table. This is not a tough achievement by any means and only requires a few moderately skilled shots. As soon as you start, try and get the ball over to the left flipper. Launch it off the bottom of the left flipper toward the far right wall where your ball comes out after the skill shot. There are two small walls here with dollar signs in front of them. If done correctly you will cause one or both walls to come down and the dollar signs in front of them will flash. With that done a new lane will be open. Now you have to make the same shot again, but hard enough to go up the lane and start the hurry up mode. If done correctly the dot matrix will start counting down from a million and toward the back middle of the table there will be a hole with a blinking light in front of it. As fast as you can hit the ball into that hole, which will take you back to the beginning skill shot. At this point you now have to launch the ball and land in the middle hole. If you make it into the middle hole before the points count down past 500,000 on the dot matrix you'll unlock the achievement. If you miss you should have a chance to try again if you're quick enough. Just shoot the ball back up the middle to the flashing hole to get another skill shot chance. I found when I did the skill shot I would hold A for just a quick second and most times it would hit the middle skill shot. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90215-lo.jpg Highly flammable 10:gsicon: Ball locked in the Nitro Tank on the V12 table. Your first order of business is knocking down the three targets that spell GAS in the middle of the table. This allows you to access the upper section of the table where you need to be for the achievement. Toward the top of the table you will see three more targets with N, 2, and O under them. Hit these three targets so they're lit and then shoot the ball up the lighted ramp between the N and the 2. This will take the ball down to the Nitro tank and unlock the achievement. DLC: Star Wars Pinball Pack http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90200-lo.jpg Clone Training 10:gsicon: You have completed the clone training on the Clone Wars table. Well done, Soldier! Pick your poison from the start and either aim at the left or the right orbit on the table. The goal here is to spell out the word TRAINING to open the way to the training area. After you spell it out shoot up the main ramp in the middle and you'll be taken to a mini pinball table. To start, knock down all 8 green targets. As you clear each side a sink hole will open, distinguished by the yellow arrows, which you must also shoot the ball in. When that is finished shoot the ball up the middle yellow arrow and you will end up on another mini pinball table. There are several lanes here and your goal is shoot into the ones that are lit green. There will be quite a few to go through before the Citadel ramp rises up. Shoot that ramp to finish the mode and get the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90201-lo.jpg One more pass 10:gsicon: You forced an AT-AT to its knees on the Star Wars Episode V table. In the middle of the table is a little island with the words star wars on the left and right. Hit both sides to start the movie scene mode. Right after that in the middle of the table a trap door will open. Shoot your ball in there and you can pick which movie scene you want. Pick scene two and a storm trooper will rise up in the middle of the table. Your goal here is to hit him three times. It's a bit of a tricky shot because there's a shield in the middle of the table and he shoots from his blaster which will blow up your ball on contact. I found it was easiest to shoot the ball to the far right so Yoda catches it. He will fire the ball at the storm trooper for you and it will be an easy direct hit. Repeat two more times. Next, part two of scene two will start and an ATAT will rise up. The goal here is to shoot the ball on either the left or the right side of the middle island where the ATAT is. You'll know which lane to shoot it down because there will be a flashing star wars sign in front of it. Repeat four more times before time runs out to bring the ATAT down and net yourself the achievement. If you happen to not get it in time just shoot and hit the star wars signs again. You won't have to play the storm trooper scene again because it checkpoints when you finish parts of a scene, so you'll be right at the ATAT. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90202-lo.jpg Imperial Mercenary 10:gsicon: All imperial contracts were fulfilled in a single game on the Boba Fett table. To acquire this achievement you are going to need a lot of patience and time. There are eight bounties total that you have to do for this achievement. To start the imperial bounties shoot the ball up the empire ramp in the middle of the table. You have to hit the ramp six times to spell out EMPIRE or if you're quick enough and immediately hit the ramp again while EMPIRE is blinking you can light it that way and save yourself some time. After EMPIRE is lit hit the ball up that same ramp again to watch Darth Vadar and Bobba Fett start talking. Use the bumpers to select what bounty you would like. Now you have the choice to select a bounty from 1-5 for respect. Your goal is to spell out BOBBA FETT, so if you pick the +5 bounty and win you will get the first five letters of BOBBA FETT unlocked. +5 is harder than the others but not by much. The goal of these particular bounties is to just hit the blinking ramps and orbits on the table. And if you are successful you will unlock the amount of letters in relation to what +bounty you picked. No matter what you pick do bounties until 5 letters are done. Spell out EMPIRE again to try for bounty 6. When the bounty starts you have 30 seconds to hit the EMPIRE orbit on the middle left. You will now have to fight a Stormtrooper and his health and yours will be displayed on the dot matrix. Hit the right missile ramp, which is lit up, and then you have 8 seconds to hit the left missile ramp to damage the storm trooper. Repeat this process until the Stormtrooper is dead and you will win the letter E. Spell out EMPIRE again to start the next bounty. You will be tasked with setting two barrels on fire at the same time. Choose either the left or right orbit and hit it with the ball. It will open up the reverse scoop and you will need to hit that same orbit again to light the barrel on fire. To make things easier on yourself hit that same orbit again to increase the time that the barrel is on fire. Now with that hit the opposite orbit from the first one you did twice to set that barrel on fire and end the mode successfully and gain the letter T. Spell out EMPIRE one last time and go for the last letter you need, the final T. At the start of this mode you will need to hit 4 flashing lanes. Hit each one with the ball, but be careful not to hit one you already have or that will reset that particular lane and you will have to hit it again. After all 4 are hit you will have to fight Darth Vadar. Your ball will change into a glowing orb and to defeat him you will have to sink it into the pit. This can be accessed by hitting either the empire orbit or the spinner just to the right of that. Once you hit those enough times and bring Vadars health down to 0 you will win and unlock the achievement.
  11. DLC: Guardians of the Galaxy Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90220-lo.jpg Orb Bonus 10:gsicon: The Orb Bonus mode was started on the Guardians of the Galaxy table. To access the orb bonus mode you have to beat any of the Guardian modes, which are the main missions for the table. There are six total you can choose from. The Star Lord mission is one of the easier modes. To activate hit the three targets under the character in the middle of the table. After all three are lit up a wall will lower and you have to sink the ball into the hole to start the mode. You have twenty seconds to hit your ball up whatever lane has a flashing light in front of it. This will reset the timer and now just hit one of the flashing lights below Ronan. They are the same targets used to start the mode. Do this whole process three more times to complete the mode. After that Orb bonus mode will start and net you the achievement. DLC: Epic Quest Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90195-lo.jpg Did It for the Dowry 10:gsicon: Princess multiball launched on the Epic Quest table. Your first step for this achievement is defeating a monster. A quick way to start a monster battle is to sink the ball into the cave hole on the far right of the table two times. You and the moster have a life bar at the bottom of the table right above the flippers. You have ten seconds before the monster hits you so be quick and shoot the ball up the sword ramp on the right. Once you've depleted the monsters health you now have a chance at the princess spinner. Shoot the ball up the shield ramp and it will drop down by the princess spinner at the very bottom left of the table. Use any of the flipper buttons to drop the ball when you want onto the spinner and see what it lands on. If you're lucky you will land on princess multi ball and the mode will start right away. If not you will get whatever reward you land on and the ball will lock. At this point repeat fighting and killing a monster and getting the princess spinner two more times so it will lock your balls and start princess multiball that way. DLC: Doctor Strange Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90206-lo.jpg Shuma-Gorath Multiball 10:gsicon: You have started the Shuma-Gorath Multiball on the Doctor Strange table. For this achievement you will need to shoot the ball along the far left orbit three times and the far right orbit three times. After doing that Shuma-Gorath will drop a tentacle down along one of the left side ramps. Shoot the ball up the ramp and Shuma-Goarath will lift the ball up and lock it. Repeat this process until you have three balls locked and Shuma-Gorath multiball mode will start. You can do this over the course of multiple balls so don't worry if you happen to drain one or two. DLC: Deadpool Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90198-lo.jpg Combo Enthusiast 10:gsicon: You have collected at least 15 combo counters with one shot on the Deadpool table. Around the table underneath the holes and ramps you will notice gun clips that hold 5 bullets each. The goal here is to light up 15 of these bullets by completing combos on the table. Shoot any of the ramps, lanes or holes to start a combo. The word combo will light up in front of where the next shot has to be and you only have seconds to hit it. If you succeed with that one it will light up a third shot. Make that shot and you will finish that combo. The bullet will light up on the first ramp or hole you shot and you can only do five for that particular one so you will have to spread it out over at least three different clips to get the achievement. Now if you drain the ball you will lose one bullet for each clip that you have completed a combo on. So I would suggest filling up one full clip at a time to minimize the damage if you happen to drain your ball. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90199-lo.jpg The Box 10:gsicon: You succesfully started a Weasel or a Blind Al mode with an additional ball on the Deadpool table. There are two different ways that you can go about this achievement as the description says. The easiest to accomplish of the two is Blind Al so I will just describe how to get that one. You are going to need to spell out Blind Al by hitting the wooden ramp just to the right of the center ramp. Be careful with this shot though as its easy to hit the center ramp and give a high probability of your ball draining. There are three different modes and it will randomly choose one for you. The easiest and the one you want is where you have to hit three garbage bags to clean up the place. You have 25 seconds to hit all three bags and it's not very difficult at all. If you manage to hit all three Deadpool will open a silver box in the top left of the table that where you can lock your ball. To access the box you have to hit the far left orbit and use the upper right flipper to knock the ball into the weasel ramp. Make sure you don't drain your ball after he opens the box otherwise it will close and you will have to start all over. After it gets locked you will start with a new ball and have to start the Blind Al mode again by spelling it out one last time. Once you do the achievement will unlock. DLC: Paranormal Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90196-lo.jpg Ghost Sighting 10:gsicon: Ghost banished from the Haunted Mansion on the Paranormal table. To do this you will need to get into the attic of the haunted mansion. Shoot the ball up the main ramp on the right and it will deposit the ball in the upper left side in front of the mansion where there's a flipper. Time it right and use that flipper to hit the ball into the mansion door which will cause it to open up. If you're skilled enough you can hit the ball again before it goes to the lower table and send it through the mansion doors. If not just shoot up the ramp again and knock it in. Once through the doors you will be in a smaller pinball table in the mansion attic. It's a little difficult to maneuver around in here as the ball seems to move faster in the smaller play area. Your goal is to hit any of the floating lights so that you release a spirit. Once that is done try and catch the ball on the left flipper and pop it up the middle where the crack in the floor is. The ball will now be in play on the upper portion of the table and now you need to try and catch it with the right flipper. From there hit it through the upper left orbit that leads to the outside of the mansion where there's another flipper and a balcony. Hold the left flipper down to catch the ball again, then shoot it it up and over the mansion. If you are successful you will unlock the achievement. DLC: Civil War Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90218-lo.jpg Heroes imprisoned 10:gsicon: Prison Breakout won with Captain America on the Civil War table. The first order of buisness is picking Captain America as your character to start. This achievement can be somewhat tricky but overall it's not to bad. Toward the back of the table you will see a swirly blue portal thing. In fron of that are three targets that have to be shot down. Now for the tricky part. Shoot down the first target and then you will have about 15 seconds to sink the ball in the far left hole. This will lock down the target so you can go after the others. Now hit the second target and you will have 15 seconds to shoot the ball into the far right hole to again lock down the gate. Hit the final target and this time you will have 15 seconds to hit the ball up into the swirly blue thing that the gates were blocking. After the ball finishes spinning around the achievement will be yours. DLC: Fantastic Four Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90216-lo.jpg Doomsday 10:gsicon: You started the Fantastic Four-Ball mode for the first time. On the table you will notice ramps for The thing, Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch with three letters in front of each one. The goal is to shoot the ball up each ramp three times to light up the letters and spell FANTASTIC. Once that is done you need to shoot the ball up Dr. Doom's ramp four times to start the multiball and get the achievement. You don't have to worry about doing this all in one ball as it can be spread out over multiple balls if you accidentitly drain the ball. DLC: Captain America Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90217-lo.jpg The Cosmic Cube 10:gsicon: You used the omnipotent Cosmic Cube to your advantage on the Captain America table. Super easy achievement that takes just a few seconds. Toward the top of the table you will see the cube sitting on top of a structure. Hit the three yellow targets on the front of the structure, which will cause it to open up. There will be some red buttons inside and all you have to do is hit one of them with the ball to lower the cube. Shoot into the same area again and hit the cube to unlock the achievement.
  12. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90175-lo.jpg Perfectionist 200:gsicon: You completed the main modes in a single game on the Sorcerer's Lair table. Here's where things get tough, real tough. For this achievement you have to beat every mission and wizard mode all in one go. Did I mention this one is tough? Now there are six main missions you have to beat. To start those missions hit the three yellow targets toward the back middle of the table. After all three are lit a portion of the table will rise. Shoot the ball into the CELLAR hole on the right side to start a mission. Here's a break down of each mission. Arachnid attack: You will be in the cellar on a mini table trying to hit spiders that drop down. There's no time limit here so carefully shoot the spiders until all of them are gone. After that shoot up the lane on the right to escape the cellar and end the mode. All and all not to difficult. Behind the walls: You will be transported to a 2d representation of an area with boards and cogs. Your ball will drop down into the cogs that are turning and your goal is to use the flipper buttons to move the ball along the cogs without being squished. Basically after every cog you will have to change its direction and time it just right. After that the ball will go up toward the boards. During this part once again use the flipper buttons to see saw the ball down through the levels. Just be careful not to do it too late otherwise you will lost the ball. Once the ball safely reaches the bottom the mode is over. Overall not too difficult once you get the hang of it. Bones: Once this mode starts you have to shoot the ball through the two spinners on the table. There is one on the far right and another toward the middle back. The goal is to consistently hit these so your character can escape the skeleton chasing them on the dot matrix. The more you hit the spinners the further ahead of the skeletons you'll stay. It seems to work best when you consistently go for the spinner on the right hand side and only go after the middle one if you absolutely have to. You have to maintain a good distance ahead of the skeleton to clear the mode. For me personally this is by far the hardest mode to beat. Crazy Ghosts: Six ghosts will appear around the table in front of different lanes. You have 40 seconds to hit each ghost and make them disappear to win the mode. The twist here is that if you don't hit all the ghosts fast enough they will start reappearing, making everything more difficult. Once all the ghosts are cleared you will finish the mode. This one is only moderately hard. Gates to the void: In this mode the table will get dark and 4 portals will appear on the table in front of different lanes. The first thing you have to do is shoot the ball into the lit up Whisper hole on the left. This charges your ball with a blue aura and now you can shoot for the portals. You have 40 seconds to hit all of them before you fail. Another easy mission. Creepy Cellar: At the start of this mode you will be down in the cellar. The goal is to hit the ball up the different lanes with the green arrows. After doing that several times it will tell you to escape the cellar and all you have to do is shoot the ball up the lighted lane on the right and the mode will end. This isn't tough to do, but just be careful because it can be easy to drain the ball sometimes on this mini table. After all six main modes are done Wizard mode will automatically start and you have to be successful at completing that too. You will see Whisper appear on the table and start to float along asking for you to free her. You have to hit her with the ball once before she reaches the sorcerer to clear this part of the wizard mode. Whisper will always follow the same path across the middle of the table and then over to the left and around the back upper side. Just take your time and line up the shot as this part isn't very hard. After you hit her your ball will drain and the midnight madness multiball will start. At this point you're done as the multiball part is just a chance for you to earn a ton of extra points and there's no way to fail it. So for this achievement you have to do all six missions and the wizard mode without failing in one game. If you are able to do this than congratulations because this is a really tough and time consuming achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90176-lo.jpg Obsidian Obsession 200:gsicon: You collected all the obsidian's on the Sorcerer's Lair table. Welcome to the other really difficult achievement for this table. The good news is that it's a little more lenient then the Perfectionist achievement. The goal is to collect 13 obsidian's from the table over the course of one game and there are several ways to do it. Here are all the way to earn obsidian stones. 6 main missions: You can get an obsidian for each successful completion of the six missions. Refer to the perfectionist achievement for how to to beat each mission. Freaky Forest mode: See the Stockpiler achievement for how to do this mode. Whisper: When you hit the ball into the whisper hole on the left enough times she will eventually give you a random gift. Every once in awhile if you're lucky she will give you an obsidian stone. Stairway mode: See the Stockpiler achievement for how to do this mode. Gargoyle multiball: See the Master of the Stairs achievement for how to do this mode. Sorcerer's multiball: See the Afraid of no Ghosts achievement for how to do this mode. Wizard mode: After all 6 main missions are done wizard mode will start. To acquire this obsidian just hit Whisper as she's floating toward the sorcerer before time is up. Elusion master combo: Shoot the ball through the bumpers on the left and with the upper right flipper smack the ball through the ghost ramp on the left. This will award you with an elusion master title. Do this tricky shot five times and you will get an obsidian stone. Those are the 13 different stones you can get. As you acquire them they will fill in the holes along the very bottom of the pinball table. The nice thing about this achievement is that you can double up and get the same obsidian stones until you have all 13. You don't have to get each individual one for the achievement. To do this though you have to get through all six main missions and midnight madness. After that all the stones reset and you can get the same ones again. Just make sure you do it all over the course of one game. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90177-lo.jpg Sharpshooter 50:gsicon: You have swiftly defeated the spiders in the cellar on the Sorcerer's Lair table! To get this one started you will have to hit the three yellow targets toward the back middle of the table. Hitting all three will raise the mission platform up. Now the missions you want for this achievement is called ARACHNID ATTACK. Below the mission hole you will see all the mission names. The ones lit up are the missions you've already tried. Blinking ones are what mission you will get if you sink it in the CELLAR mission hole. If you want to change which mission is selected hit the targets just to the left of the whisper hole. When you have the ARACHNID ATTACK mission sink the ball in the CELLAR hole. You will actually drop into a different table in the cellar. Spiders will start dropping down in front of each lane and your goal is to knock them down as quickly as possible. As soon as you hit them more will drop down. It can get tricky to keep the ball going without draining it while hitting all the spiders in the time needed. If done correctly the achievement will pop after the last spider is killed. If you drain your ball at any point you will lose out on your chance and that mission will be blocked out until you finish all the other missions. I would suggest just restarting and trying to get ARACHNID ATTACK again if that happens. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90178-lo.jpg Pathfinder 25:gsicon: You have completed a 6-way combo on the Sorcerer's Lair table. This achievement is pretty straightforward and easy. You have to just hit any of the lanes six times in a row to keep your combo going. Avoid hitting any of the multiball lanes or bumpers as this will slow you down since you only have a few seconds between shots before you lose your combo. It will show you on the dot matrix what combo you're on so use that as a guideline. If you mess up just try again. This should be one of the first achievements you unlock on this table. DLC: Mars Table http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90210-lo.jpg Shuttle Pilot 10:gsicon: You have collected five samples with the magnetic drain on the Mars table! To start this mission hit the large shuttle ramp on the left hand side. A space shuttle will land and you will need to hit it up the same ramp again to start the sample collecting. When you do this a claw will come down on the table and you have to hit it with the ball. After you hit it the claw will move to a new sample spot. To get the achievement you have to hit this claw five times. If at any point time runs out or you drain your ball just hit it up the shuttle ramp again to start the mode over. It will keep your progress as long as its all done over the course of a single game.
  13. WIP I figured I would take a crack at this beast of a game by writing a guide to hopefully help everyone out. I figure I will write out a guide for the base game and then start working on the rest of the tables since it will take a bit of time. Pinball FX 2 -Overview- Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10 Offline: 55 (1450:gsicon:) Online: 0 Approximate amount of time to 1450:gsicon:: 30-50hrs (Dependent on skill and because they continually add new tables) Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Just individual tables to play for each achievement. Missable achievements: 0 Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty settings Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No Extra equipment needed?: No INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the wonderful world of pinball! Zen studios has managed to capture the essence of pinball and make an incredible game that plays and feels like real pinball. They support the game regularly with new tables and just recently brought the game over to the Xbox one platform. The great news is that any tables you previously bought on the 360 version will automatically be available for free on the Xbox one version. Even if you buy the new tables that come out they will transfer over, except for The Walking Dead table currently, although that is supposed to change soon.WALKING DEAD TABLE WORKS TO TRANSFER FROM 360 NOW. Just remember that table transfers don't work from the Xbox One to the 360. Also there are a few of the original tables that aren't making the jump due to them being built on old tech, so if you don't see one of them at this point they won't be making an appearance in this version. WALKTHROUGH: There's not really a walkthrough for this game. Just a lot of tables to play. The free base game is a single table, Sorcerer's Lair with 10 achievements worth 1000. The rest of the achievements are dispersed through a ton of tables that each have one achievement each worth 10 points. The only exception so far is the Deadpool table with 2 achievements, worth 20 points. Luckily the achievements they picked for each table are the easier and less time consuming ones from the 360 version. So you won't have to worry about to many wizard modes. But the difficult achievements they picked for some of the tables are extremely hard unless you're a pinball pro, so that's where the 10/10 difficulty comes from. CONCLUSION: An extremely fun and sometimes frustrating game that will leave you playing for hours to get some of the more difficult achievements. My best advice is to just buckle down and play a table over and over until you know its ins and outs for some of the more difficult achievements. The majority of the achievements are really easy though and you'll have a great time going for them. Achievement Guide: http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90169-lo.jpg Stockpiler 25:gsicon: You have beaten the tree being on the Sorcerer's Lair table! You have to shoot the ball along either the far left or far right lane and have it complete a full half loop to count for the tree. Do this 6 times and you will activate the Freaky Forest mode. You will notice the tree will drop one branch down and you have to shoot the ball at that. Repeat three times within 60 seconds to finish the mode and nab the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90170-lo.jpg Secrets of the Lair 100:gsicon: You have revealed the mystic secrets on the Sorcerer's Lair table! For this achievement you will have to play all six main missions and then beat the final wizard mission midnight madness during the course of one game. It sounds tough but it's really not because you only have to activate each mission. It doesn't matter if you pass or fail them as it will still count for this achievement. Toward the top middle of the table to the right of the sorcerer you will see three yellow targets. Light up all three targets and a circular building will rise up on the table. On the left is the STAIRWAY ramp and the right side is the CELLAR entrance. Shoot the ball into the cellar to start a mission. The missions are: CRAZY GHOSTS BONES BEHIND THE WALLS GATES TO THE VOID ARACHNID ATTACK CREEPY CELLAR Like I said before just start a mission and either pass it or don't. After you attempt each one the mission name will light up yellow toward the middle of the table showing you are done with that one. After all six are complete the wizard mode will start and you will see Whisper floating across the table asking for you to help her. Your goal is to hit her along the path she floats with your ball. It doesn't matter if you do or not though as the second part of the wizard mode will trigger anyways. After the part with whisper, multiball will commence and after that is finished the achievement will unlock. Just make sure you do all of it over the course of three balls, otherwise it won't unlock. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90171-lo.jpg Tower Conqueror 50:gsicon: You scored a Citadel jackpot on the Sorcerer's Lair table. On the right side of the table you will see a long ramp with the words CITADEL spelled out. Simply hit the ball up that ramp 7 times until CITADEL is all lit up. Once that is done a 2 ball multiball mode will start. Whisper will float around to different lanes and you will have to hit the ball through her to score. Repeat this a total of five times and once that happens knock the ball into the very back left flipper and shoot it into the jackpot hole to unlock the achievement. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90172-lo.jpg Gargoyle's Quest 100:gsicon: You scored a super jackpot in the Gargoyle multiball on the Sorcerer's Lair table. In the middle of the table underneath the sorcerer you will see a spinner. Shoot the ball through the spinner and when it comes out on the right side use the upper flipper to quickly shoot the ball across to the Gargoyle cage. If successful the Gargoyle will close and lock the ball. Repeat until you've locked three balls into place and you will start the Gargoyle multiball. Now comes the tough part of hitting the actual jackpot. There are six different lanes that will have blinking lights in front of them. You have to hit a ball through each lane to open up the jackpot while maintaining the multiball. It's okay to lose one of the three balls, but if you lose two then the multiball will end and you will have to start over. After hitting all six ramps you need to shoot a ball up the citadel ramp and use the upper left flipper to then shoot it into the super jackpot. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90173-lo.jpg Master of the Stairs 100:gsicon: You completed the Stairway mode on the Sorcerer's Lair table. Shoot the three targets toward the back that start the missions. When the round structure rises from the table you will want to be really careful and shoot the ball into the STAIRWAY hole on the left and not the CELLAR mission hole. Otherwise you will start a mission and lose out on the chance to do the stairway mode. The goal is to hit the ball into the stairway hole until all the letters light up underneath. This doesn't have to be done all in one go. You can drain your ball or start a mission and keep your progress as long as you don't get a game over. Once you spell STAIRWAY you have to shoot the ball into Whispers hole to start the mode. You only have a limited amount of time to shoot the ball back into the stairway hole three times to win. If you drain the ball or start a mission mode accidentally or don't hit the STAIRWAY hole in time you will fail and have to start all over again. On a side note Whisper will occasionally start the STAIRWAY mode for you if you activate her on the left hole, which will let you bypass having to spell it out and make things easier. But it doesn't happen very often. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3146/90174-lo.jpg Afraid of no Ghosts 150:gsicon: You completed the Sorcerer's multiball on the Sorcerer's Lair table. On the left side of the table near the middle is a lane that leads up to the sorcerer. Every third shot up that lane will anger the sorcerer and cause him to lock one of your balls. After the third ball lock, or nine times up the ramp the sorcerer multiball will start. There are two goals here to get the achievement. The first is to hit the three different monsters that appear with the ball. After you do that you will have to shoot your ball up the lane that has the blinking orange triangle in front of it. It's the same lane you used to reach the sorcerer and start the mode. The important thing here is that you have to get all three balls up that lane for it to count for the achievement. There is no time limit with the first two balls. But once you are down to the last ball you will only have a short period of time to make the shot and finish the mode. Again its very important that you don't drain a single ball otherwise you void out your chance to get the achievement and you will have to start all over.
  14. I had this happen to me yesterday. I had the highest vigilante level and I killed so many people it went all the way to the opposite side so that I was a menace. And still no one called the police. I hijacked people from cars. I went to really public areas and shot up the place. Nothing and i spent almost half an hour trying. Finally I just went and did some fixer contracts and the next time I tried they called the cops right away.
  15. I changed the completion time on the guide since enough people are having problems with the luck based achievements and it's taking longer for them.
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