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  1. SpinelesS

    Stuck - Glitch.

    Just gave the final egg back to the big bird and it only showed as having 3 eggs. No markers where to go or anything like that. Closed game and loaded it up again, and the bird has 4 eggs, but I still have no markers or anything like that so I don't know what I'm supposed to do... Looked at a video, apparently the big bird was supposed to teach me a language... Am I screwed? It's reasonably early in the game so I don't mind starting over again too much, but if bugs like this are common, I'm not sure I could handle it a second time...
  2. How different is re-reckoning from the original? Because I remember playing the original, enoying it, but not finishing it. Just started playing re-reckoning and it has basically little to no connection to the game I remember, and I'm not a huge fan of it so far... Was the game drastically changed, or am I remember something else that came out at the same time?
  3. Treasure hunt (which I think was added later) at least gives you a skill point for every treasure you pick up (and there are like 20) so It's less of a grind on getting all skills. Level 10 on all weapons and buying every improved weapon part looks like it still may be a grind though (daily/weekly quests help a little though)
  4. Just started playing, came to a room with 2 enemies and assumed if I marked on of them and stealth killed the other, my sister would take care of the other one when I did that. But no such luck. Is there a way to do two stealth kills with the AI, or is that strictly a co-op only option?
  5. Got a few Locations that have "To be (better) explored" in their description when I have removed all the rust and done everything I can find... Am I missing something or are some of these location descriptions bugged? EDIT: Come to the conclusion these are all bugs. Feel free to prove me wrong 😛 EG: Katepa (41): Zone I first got Flow seeds, Collected all crystals and followed the path made when using seed, collected 20+ seeds (Found Apple, Boba, Creamberry, Pepper, Helicap) Chogerow (36): Another zone with octopus/flow seeds (found apple, boba, pepper, helicap) Tsupiko (23): Zone with the Green House . Got Fertilizer, Flower Seed, Used Birble Station, Fed animals (Found Apple, Boba, Pepper, Helicap) Nekatai (2): Zone with crashed ship. clicked on spare turbine, collected hyper-rust (found apple, Boba, Pepper, Helicap) Wakitai (1): Says too be explored, but has constantly respawning rust so...
  6. Mostly it's just so I don't spend the money I reserve for entertainment in my budget on something else, like food or alcohol etc. Honestly can't think of a single DLC reward I have gotten that I have found useful. EDIT: heard the game is going to be released somewhere between April this year and March next year... Guess it's going to be gone from the store for a while.
  7. As the title says, does anyone know when Xbox Live is going to allow you to pre-order this game again? Always surprised when a series release is delayed since they are usually just using everything from the previous games with a few tweaks...
  8. It's a Helmet, 'Piercing Wisdom' and it's the secondary bonus that drops the orbs, main boosts the damage of the Godly skill it's connected to (though there is a helmet that boosts all godly damage, and increases stun instead of dropping stamina) There are similar helmets for Ares Wrath and Hephaistos's Hammer.
  9. Anyone else suddenly have the larger monsters suddenly dropping glowing orbs on the ground that don't seem to do anything when you pick them up? Can't seem to find them in my inventory or anything like that either.. EDIT: NM, I was wearing a helmet that dropped stamina balls on Athena's Dash 😛
  10. Mine seems to be working fine. The challenges on the other hand... All the timed ones Auto completed on mine, but still showed as active, and I couldn't gain any points in them until the next day.
  11. Not much in the notes this time, still it is a 15.4 GB update...
  12. I have never played Breath of the Wild but I have heard a lot of people say this is like Breath of the Wild. So I have been describing it as "Breath of the Wild, but with Greek Mythology and lot's of Dad Jokes" Just want to make sure that is correct or not (and I hate seeing a completely empty forum 😋) Also, Does anyone know if the Ubisoft Rewards are only Cosmetic, or if they give out different skills?
  13. Haven't done yet, but from Powerpyx Guide:
  14. Don't just limit yourself to the boxes, also visit Stores (weapons, meds, etc) and Ripperdocs (tab with and to get to their goods) and buy a bunch of useful stuff 😋 Also you can buy back paintings for 5 eddies from stores and the doc (switching from augments -> store is the same as leaving and returning)
  15. I haven't had any problems so far, The closest was a little hanging when dismantling around 4500 coffee cups but it worked in the end. Overall other than component parts I'm carrying less than I was before using the glitch (I was constantly collecting energy drinks so I could dismantle them all to level up crafting when I got enough attribute points for the level 20 skill achievement but now I have cleaned it up by dismantling a bunch of stuff)
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