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  1. Yes, it did finally pop for me. I think it was the next day when it did. Sorry for the delayed response.

  2. Did the golden apple cheevo on Child of Light ever pop for you? It just glitched on me today. Only one I have left and looking for some good news.

  3. Did the golden apple cheevo pop for you? Have same problem now
  4. The air dash alone didn't help. Needed the height from the ground slam. Use both from the penthouse rooftop
  5. That was totally it. Hadn't been back there since that mission, but just went back and got it with this method.
  6. About 3/4 way through story. When you reach the top of the tower for the sword, you'll see the balloon next to that building. Lemme know if something stands out easily.
  7. The one between towers when you get to the penthouse for the sword. I've tried everything and can't quite get enough air...
  8. I found A link that says to please allow up to a week for the free Subaru to appear in the garage. I also discovered the car packs are downloads, then you go to the auto show and buy those cars for zero credits
  9. How/when do you get the free Subaru for having played the demo? I'm at Nice and just unlocked the garage and autoshow and it's not there. Also, what is the bonus car content for Day One Edition? Is it free cars? Or extra cars that you can buy in game? Thanks in advance! See you on the roads!
  10. Use the ign link above and follow it for each chest in the areas. Wayyyyy easier now that I found out how to Identify which areas weren't 100%
  11. Questions, do I have to beat Calaca again after collecting to get the final orb to trigger achievement? And, will I finish with complete pieces of health/stamina/intenso? I'm getting tired of searching there same areas over and over with no luck.
  12. That page appears to be missing some areas (like Canal de las Flores) and some of the links are broken. This is frustrating me
  13. I followed some map pics from over at thueachievements and have even scoured corners of areas not uncovered in that guys pics and still am not at 100%. Anybody got any ideas how to find the rest of the chests and figure out which areas they are? Assuming that's what I need.... I've got the cheevo for side quests and orbs already. Thanks
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