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  1. Thanks for the guide, cleared up some of the things I needed.
  2. a31kiwi

    NCIS Walkthrough

    Great guide, thanks.
  3. I know its late - I had the same problem as well, I played Battlestations Midway and the training mission for an achievement, then stated Pacific and the Hero of Midway achievement finally popped.
  4. 1. Toddillini 2. DeceptiveHornet 3. XXX out XXX 4. xDinnerandaShow 5. xRDSx LBxRAIDER 6. A31kiwi 7. Il Damaz 8. BulldogxXx1980 9. 10. 11. There are 3 of us looking for this achievement, A31kiwi, Il Damaz and BulldogxXx1980. Ive added us to the list.
  5. Thanks, that worked great. A bit dizzy after though...
  6. It worked for me. I missed the part about it being on the left the 1st time I tried, once I hit the correct house it worked.
  7. Thanks, you saved me from pulling out my hair.
  8. Putting off finishing the 1000 until I found this guide, thanks.
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