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  1. Hello i have found 2 achievements in the game assassins creed revelations that when i try to tick them off as completed it does not allow me, the 2 are the loop and breaking the loop please contact me on what iam doing wrong or how if the site fixes the problem

    Cheers paul

  2. The website stopped keeping track of my played games and my tiles of 100% games completed has been wiped out to only a few games. Any idea what is happening? All other websites show my completed games and achievement progress, however x360a has stopped completely... Looking forward to your response.

  3. So I sent a message four months ago wondering why I was suddenly missing from the leader boards. Thanks for not getting back to me at all you cunts. Please remove me from this website permanently. Thanks for nothing.

  4. I figured it out, im glad to see none of the admins like to reply to you

  5. Hello...........

  6. Why aren't I on the leaderboards anymore, could you please look into it.

    Thank you

  7. Hey Minty, Just wanted to let you know that there's a problem with Skate 2's achievements. The achievements for Taste the Mongo and Pitch a Tent aren't working, and the math seems to be off. Any idea who should I talk to about fixing that? Every time I try to save the achievement it just remains unsaved.



  8. Are you peirs anthony?

  9. Not 100% sure who to ask, but my tag's gamerscore is never updating.. when I go to my profiles it say 50kish and up top in the right hand corner is says 74kish and currently it is 90k.. funny thing every time I update my avatar he changes under "my profile".. can you help or point me in the direction of who can?


    THX, Toast

  10. hi, not sure if you can help me but when i try to update my achievements for kingdoms of amalur the site refuses to give me the last 6 achievements, i have all 61 and the site only lets me register 55 if there is anything that can be done then that would be great.


    thanks, Steve

  11. hi. I'm just wondering why my gamescore never updates here? and i can't get onto the leaderboard...


    Many thanks



  12. Hey thanks again for fixing my leader board stuff, I really appreciate it

  13. If I could get my profile from this site deleted that would be great, thanks.

  14. Hi there,


    Just wondering why I'm suddenly missing from the leader boards for games. Was there yesterday and now I'm gone. What's up? Let me know. Thanks.

  15. Hi, i seem to have been targeted on this site by at least one person. Over the last few weeks there have been 3 'new profiles' which have been sending me abuse in any forums or articles i comment on. One of the profiles was even called 'welsh dragon8888' he clearly just tried to replicate mine and turn people against me for no apparent reason. I am wondering is there anything you guys can do (Like ban an IP address) to stop this from recurring, or is it a case of me just reporting every new profile which is made and happens to send me a constant stream of abuse? Having new profiles attack me on here was bad enough but when a profile was made to try and mimic mine that was to far. Reply when you can and thank you.

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