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  1. It sucks that this game really doesn’t have any achievements
  2. Reading through this gave me the confidence to try and 1k it!! Pro run here we go
  3. From what 343i said, Halo Glasslands, The Terminals in Halo CEA, and The Forerunner Trilogy will all be connected to Halo 4. With that being said, I'm going facts about all of these and what it means for Halo 4. Halo Glasslands tells the story of what happened after Halo 3 and Halo Ghost of Onyx. There are 3 basic things going on in Glassland. The rest of the Spartans (II and III) Mendez and Halsey getting out of the shield world. The Sanghelios rebuilding their society and ONI trying to sabotage the Elites. Glasslands is supposed to be a trilogy by author Karen Travis. So there will probably more added to their stories. Since Halo 4 is supposed to be the Reclaimer Trilogy, the elites should have no part in the story. Since humans are the heirs to the Forerunners. That being said. Spartans are the ones that are called the Reclaimers, so from all those facts. I'd say that hopefully (fanboy face) the rest of the Spartans finally show up in a Halo game. The Forerunner Trilogy (2 books so far) take place before everything in the halo canon so far. Cryptom tells of Bornsteller, the Didact, Chakas and Riser. We learn that humans were once to par with the Forerunners and that the humans defeated the Flood once before, only to lose a war against The Forerunners and be de-evolved. We learn that The Didact that we heard from in the Terminals in Halo 3 is actually Bornsteller taking over for him. And that the Forerunners defeated the Precursors. In Primordium towards the end we learn that Humans were supposed to be the true heirs to The Mantle and we find out that the Forerunners were basically the first version of the Covenant. By them thinking that the Precursors wanted the Forerunners to protect the Mantle. We also learn the purpose of the Flood (to test the humans to see if they were ready to protect the Mantle. Which they did and proved that were way better than the Forerunners at it, como on, the Forerunners commuted mass homicide by activating the Halos) and that the Flood are in fact the Precursors. With those facts, the flood should make an appearance. And the Precursors and the Forerunners as well. We also learn that the famous 343 Guilty Spark is in fact Chakas... The Halo CEA Terminals basically tell you the story of 343 Guilty Spark and what he did during the events of Halo Combat Evolved. Since 343 is dead by the year that Halo 4 will take place, there would have to be another plot from the terminals. And that would probably be all of the Moniters from the remaining Halos, since the ark is destroyed and so is the flood, they wouldn't have any more purpose. Also. In Primordium, we learn that ONI find Chakas and question him. So he might also be part of the story in Halo 4. Of course there is still a long time from now, and they might release new books, or info regarding the game. Also I'm taking Facts from the books and game and ultimately it is still my opinion. I might be wrong in plenty of things but hopefully I nailed a few. I am a major Halo fan (i named my first son Ambrose after the legendary kick ass Kurt Ambrose) and I follow all and any Halo Fiction that comes out. If I missed some facts, share them with us.
  4. this is prob late to help out but it might help out someone else in the future, i was having trouble with this achievement too. then i finally got it. go fast and when you see that king klong jumps up, simply turn your car towards the side hes going to kick this will make you move while he is angry and you wont have to worry about crashing hardcore. i hit something four times and still got it, well just tapped
  5. It will prob be called the Reclaimer Edition. And I will none the less buy it. Reclaimer Edition: 1;It won't have a soundtrack as they always release a soundtrack to the games. 2;prob have a Stupid Season Pass as to follow the trend 3;HALO 4 THE BEAUTY OF THE OLD, a short art book with gallery work from the game. 4;Halo 4 Special Disc: making of Halo 4, Halo timeline, new enemies; a look at the new enemies and other cool stuff 5;Halo Wars 2 or any other Halo spinoff Beta 6;Halo Classified: a new animated movie focusing on the enemies story Aka Flood, Precursors or Forerunners depending on which. 7;If it is Forerunner a pic of Didact and Librarian 8;and of course a statue-more than likely of the Master Chief and Cortana as the new games will focus on them
  6. There are more Spartans alive then that. Black Team Grey Team Naomi (from Grasslands) Kelly Fred Linda And prob more than that
  7. nice guide, will make sure to use it when i get the game
  8. omg not even a god could beat this part
  9. how the hell do you chat with ea. ive been trying since this game came out. i went to all the links, looked around and i cannot find it! help!
  10. i dont know about anyone else but in the main screen, it says that i have 50 achievements out of 58, but there is only 54... i even looked at my friends screen and it said 58. does anyone know anything, or have seen this too? maybe its just me
  11. this game is really hard to get achievements for
  12. i cant believe no one has helped you! well i also had this problem and came to the forums. after asking a friend on my friends list he told me the solution adjust the sensetivity
  13. Are you going to play halo wars or the new maps for halo 3?
  14. please help, im trying to go for the 100 percent, and i need to take all my friends to do the activities, but it wont let me bowl with him. please help
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