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  1. EDIT: Got the cheevo... Thanks to everyone that d/l'ed it!!
  2. This cheevo glitched for me while attempting to obtain it the way it was intended. Here is a video showing the autosave reload trick that originally appeared on the Playstation. I had already played through the game almost 2x before trying to get this cheevo again. I did NOT delete or move my save file. I did NOT delete the game or it's Day 1 update. I went NG+, selected Ch. 2, and played up to the autosave just before the enemy to kill. Once I got to that checkpoint, I ran into the house ahead of me and killed myself on the tripwire. Then I followed the video and the cheevo popped after I stealth killed the same enemy 5 times.
  3. I have a session for stun boosting for rank that is tomorrow at 9am EST if anyone is interested. Message me at NITEMARECREATOR on xbl or sign up for session at TA.com
  4. I have a session tomorrow 3/16 at 3pm if anyone is interested in the MP maps in the main game, not the DLC. Just message me at xbl GT: NITEMARECREATOR. I also have sessions set up for the next 2 weekends at 3pm EST as well. If you are a member at TrueAchievements.com the sessions are up to join that way as well.
  5. I had this same issue with playing through the DLC campaign and noticed no cheevos popped. At 1st I thought I got kicked offline. Nope, that wasn't it. I deleted all the episodes from Season 1 when I completed them. I only reinstalled E1 because it is needed for the subsequent episodes and the DLC to run. So I deleted E1 and 400 Days and reinstalled all 6 episodes and the cheevos popped as they should. I truly don't know what fixed the 'issue', so that is all I can offer as possible help. Good luck!!
  6. This isn't like it was an EA and their shutting off servers shenanigans to save a nickel. THQ did support their online game communities with no issues that I knew of. The only reason this game had issues was because THQ was sold off in a bankruptcy. Nordic Games bought the Darksiders IP, and as I was hoping, are putting forth effort to reestablish the online servers after the transition. For whatever reason, flipping the on/off/reset switch worked for the PS3 / PC servers but MS has to have complex coding for their server establishments.
  7. As of today, July 27, The Pay it Forward & BFA cheevos are unobtainable for the Xbox 360. Those cheevos were unobtainable on all systems due to THQ's bankruptcy and the switchover of the servers / IPs to Nordic Games. Nordic Games has been able to reset / restart / fix the servers for the other platforms, but they are having minor issues figuring out Microsoft's coding. NG is trying to work with ex-THQ techs that know the coding and are working on resolving our problem(s). Here is the link I have been following for updates... http://community.darksiders.com/go/thread/view/138731/29988595/Registerlogin_problems_serpent_stone_retrieve_error?pg=1 The user you should watch for is MegalomaniacNG and here is his entry post about the situation. Keep in mind that this post is from July 3rd when all platforms were having issues. Hey, This is horseman Reinhard from Nordic Games. We are looking into that. Just a quick question: The game also doesnt ask you to login to your THQ account or it doesnt work, correct? Just for your information: The whole server environment is still not in our hands so we need to liaise with the people that are left at THQ to work this out. Best, Reinhard Pollice Executive Horseman @ Nordic Games GmbH Seems to me that they should have the 360's issue resolved in the upcoming days / weeks. Keep your fingers crossed...
  8. As of today, July 14th, there apparently has been a hotfix applied for this glitch. The roof that you are supposed to jump onto has been removed and there is an invisible wall in it's place. The roof has gone from tan / wooden appearance to blue shingle. So much for the easy way to level up without effort...
  9. I searched all over the internet for any indications that there were any issues obtaining PAY IT FORWARD or BFA before I started this game on June 27, and there were no issues to be found on my part. There is talk on their FB page that they are working on resolving this issue with other companies (THQ??) I don't know if THQ will cooperate since the bankruptcy is final or how much time and effort Nordic Games will utilize to setup a new server, if need be. I hope they do fix this issue so as not to piss of this IP's fanbase!!
  10. I am looking to boost the Crimson pack Wednesday nite from 10 til 12 if anyone is interested. Message me on XBL and let me know how many controllers you have or sign up on the session at TA... http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=310380
  11. Honestly, what is the point of going through all that trouble to continuously shoot down the same UFO?? You have to play through the campaign 5 times and you will accomplish shooting down 40 UFOs within the first two playthroughs. Sorry, but your method to boosting this cheevo is truly a waste of time. There is no need to boost it.
  12. That's encouraging, but that looks like it is in The Netherlands. They are GMT-0. The east coast is GMT-5. That's gonna suck if we have to cycle timezones for the release to be available.
  13. Nope, you are gonna have to delete the corrupted DLC pack, and redownload from new.
  14. The DLC is available thru in game marketplace link. I just "purchased" it for 0 MSP!! I think MS effed up and hadn't put the price on it as of yet. I will update post with cheevo list, if there is 1... It is 1.37 GB in size EDIT: downloaded 100% with no problem. There are NO new cheevos added to the game... EDIT of EDIT: It hung up @ 99%. The screen changed and I thought it was finished. Since it is not at 100%, this may be the problem there are no cheevos added yet cuz the code isn't properly installed. Also, the DLC is still not available thru the dashboard's marketplace, only thru ingame link. This may be a / the reason that it is not working now. Another note... I just looked at my download history and the license is not showing up there. I guess cuz the d/l didn't go 100%. We may end up having to pay for it in the end cuz they will most likely catch the error...
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