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  1. Did this get a physical release? I can only find information about it on Xbox.com and it's a download. While I'm not opposed to a download, the price is currently $34.99. This game probably isn't worth that much so a physical would most likely be less expensive. I'd like to try out a handball game, just not for $35.
  2. Has anyone who played this game gone back and watched (or rewatched) the Twin Peaks television series from the early 1990s? (It's on Netflix if you have that or check your local library for it on DVD - mine has it.) I had never seen the show before playing this and I decided one day to check out the show since everyone kept saying how much the two have in common. I have to say, it is now one of my favorite shows ever. If you like the game's bizarre, strange and hilarious characters, you will love the show.
  3. Just a note about the PS3 DC edition: Do not get it. If you own a PS3 and want to play more DP, I'm sorry to say you'll be disappointed. Stick with the original 360 version. The frame rate on the PS3 version is totally screwed up, and this coupled with the game's poor controls creates a recipe for disaster. I don't know how they managed to muck it up this bad when they had so much time.
  4. Thanks for making this thread. The game has some obvious flaws, but I've enjoyed every aspect of what I've played so far. It seems to me that gamers can never be satisfied with a new series installment. It's either "this is so different from the other games" or "this is exactly the same game." Bitch bitch bitch, whine whine whine. I have lost so much faith in humanity during this online-boner console generation that it's often a relief to turn on my NES and play alone.
  5. I know this isn't much because most people only care about multiplayer these days, but a lot of those features are in the game. The whole plot is about locust vs. COG. DBNO is all over the campaign. If by "actives" you mean active reloads, then I've been doing that the whole time I've been playing it. Executions are in the campaign. It seems like most of the issues people have are with the multiplayer. I agree that this aspect is quite different, but it's still a Gears game. I don't like many of the changes either, but I'm not going to waste my time worrying about it. That's why I still have the other games for when I want to play horde or the other modes. No big deal.
  6. This isn't a Gears game? Hmm... - Gnashers: check - Lancers: check - Killing Locust: lots of checks - Dystopian world and decaying environments: check - Characters from GoW universe: check Seems like a Gears game to me. Sure, there are differences, but Epic/PCF were damned if they did, damned if they didn't. If it was the same as the previous three games, people would bitch. If it was different, people would bitch. And look here: people are bitching.
  7. If you are paying more money to get the content, it is not free. I have no idea where the politics came from.
  8. Pay ten dollars more to get a season pass and get more content free? Wow.
  9. I just bought this game. If anyone sees this and wants to go for this achievement, let me know. My tag is isw42. I love rugby, so I'll be keeping this game. Even after I get the achievement, I am willing to help out anyone who asks to get it. Let's play!
  10. //Thread topic in code, just for fun public class GoW { private boolean srsly4 = false; private String buyGears = "I will buy GoW!"; private String dontBuyGears = "I won't buy GoW!"; public static void main(String[] args) { public String buyGears() { if (srsly4 == true) { return dontBuyGears; } else { return buyGears; } } } }
  11. I'm a fan of underdog games and FPS games in general, so I am probably going to pick this up for some mindless FPS gaming. It looks to be fairly promising for its scope and budget-style development. There is a trailer at the below link if anyone is interested. http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/heavy-fire-shattered-spear-launches-next-week-for-xbox-360-ps3-and-pc-video-23-01-2013/
  12. These dudes are up to about $80,000. It would be nice if they got the 120,000 they were looking for.
  13. One of the shortest campaigns for a FPS I've ever played. Huge letdown, given the amount of time and money they poured into development.
  14. I beat the game in like 5-6 hours total playing time. I feel that that is a huge disappointment. It's so frustrating that, as a gamer who rarely plays online multiplayer, the game only lasted that long. It's not worth the money. Whatever happened to the days of the 20 hour campaign?
  15. I suppose this is the most relevant location for a topic like this, even though this isn't a 360 game. If any of you old-school gamers like me are out there, you might appreciate this and may want to help fund it. I'm really excited about it! (As a disclaimer because I know some idiot will bring this up, I am not in any way affiliated with Zojoi, Kickstarter or any of their affiliates. I am simply a game lover who remembers how awesome this game was on the NES back in the day and would like it to return current-gen style.)
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