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  1. I'm having the same problem. When i will unlock the Chaos Millionaire, it stucks in 99% and nothing more unlocks. I already tried to uninstall and reinstall, delete my profile in Xbox One, hard reset.... and everything else i already read about any kind of problem to unlock achievements.
  2. it´s work perfect and it´s easy! Thanks!
  3. hummm... I didn´t get the puzzle on the left. It has a blue crystal blocking my way like others I use the missile to destroy from behind. The top 4 parts of the giant blue crystal is ok, I solved. Any ideas?
  4. I´m looking to do some achievs, anyone? Having problems to finish the game, and interested to do challenges etc. GS: sleeptonesbr cheers!
  5. Before everything, sorry for some english errors. I´m having huge problems to find an online match to have some help. I don´t know why, if it´s catch my region (Brasil), but it´s hard to finish the game passing by Day 06 with the Security. To play the game until now was easy, I already finished with the rebels but when I arrived the Day 06, it became a huge nightmare. The first part playing with the engineer fix that machine was ok (not easy), after that need to hack a missile launcher with the operative, and my team runs like stupids, and the enemy is very organized and fight well. I really don´t know what to do. I was playing until now in Solo, ou any online mode like Solo like I said in the top. Now I´m trying in Easy and it´s very frustrating. Any help? Anyone wanna help me? I really don´t wanna do the 1000gs, just some good points. My gamertag is sleeptonesbr. Thanks for everything!
  6. So... here I am, waiting for some answers by HotHead Games. I killed all the Roodolph fellas and nothing of the red nose one. Saved, f*%&ed the save file and everything else. Have any sollution? I tried to get died by that poison barrel and the orcs around it sometimes (about 10 times) and none of any reindeer appears. Now i´m finishing all the rest of the quests... but I think I´m loosing time on it. After that, The Backoning is out of my buy list and any HotHead games will not be purchased by me. It´s sad, such a great game.
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