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  1. It's "love" for kids--a Japan Touhoku earthquake charity gamer pic. There are several gamer pic packs in different denominations where proceeds go to children affected by the quake/tsunami. ;D

  2. What is your gamerpic? The Japanese symbol over the words "for kids."

  3. I came to the same conclusion as well, as it only happens during my personalized program, but I could have sworn all my calories were counting for the first few times despite there being lengthy tutorials. :/ I'm assuming it hasn't been patched?
  4. It's great that they're finally up, but I'm STILL having problems with them. I unlocked a couple of them when they weren't on xbox.com, so I recovered my gamertag, just tried to go for an achievement, and nothing. I cleared the cache, tried again, nothing. Should I reset my character data? Delete the DLC and reinstall it? Delete the game and all my data and try again?! ;-; If anyone has any suggestions/solutions, please let me know. :/
  5. I live in Japan, but I wanted to download the U.S. version, and also put points in my account just today for it...but to my surprise, region locked OUT. I would just download the JP version, but for some reason it does not accept MS points and requires a credit card with a charge of 1000 yen. I don't have a JP credit card since they're pretty much useless in Japan, as it is primarily a cash country. Damn.
  6. I can confirm that the hanger method works, just got it--last achievement, too! I used a hat, large jacket, and dangled a pair of pants under the hanger, started to play the raft mini-game, and after a couple of seconds, the game added a second player. So if you're like me and have no friends in real life, this is the method for YOU to use! I keed, I keed.
  7. Hi xMac73--thanks for your insight on this game! I love workout games, so I'm really intrigued by this one. Question, though...I've already ordered Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and should be receiving it soon (Kinect didn't come out in Asia until a few days ago), but I was wondering if I have that, would it be wise to hold off on EA Sports Active 2 until I'm burned out on Your Shape? I'm assuming you own both, so I'd like your opinion. Thanks!
  8. There is hope that Galamoth is a boss afterall...I just hope that when you reach the boss room, the mummy boss pops out, giving everyone relief that the fight will be a pushover, then Galamoth pops out and kills him...and everyone else in one attack.
  9. It's some sort of music pack download for the game. Haven't downloaded it yet but I assume it's just alternate music for the game. Also, I don't know what you're talking about because you just pull the tab off in the front and the code is there...
  10. Damn, was hoping there was a cheaper site that 'tourists' didn't know about, just for locals lol. Oh well, guess I'm not gonna beat Amazon or Play-Asia then.


    Cheers for the help :)

  11. Rejoice for it is done! Patch was just released--I saved one last training routine and one last belt at Area 51 holding out for a patch like this, and voila, achievement popped, so I can confirm the game is able to be completed without nefarious methods.
  12. Hey man, I'm using a 250GB HDD with hardly anything on it and it still takes 1-2 minutes per load screen, sometimes 3-4 with certain missions. It's just a sloppy port job. Recently there was a patch for the game, but it doesn't seem to have fixed loading times...probably just the glitched achievements and freezing issues. Though the load times suck, I love this game and found it worth sitting through...sometimes had youtube to hold my hand through the process.
  13. Hi Minty--new games are pretty pricey in Japan and a majority of games never get reduced in price unless they are inducted into some sort of best hits collection. There are barely any "budget" titles either. I would say the average new game retails for 7000 to 8000 yen, about seventy to 80 U.S. dollars. Don't know the proper pound conversion, sorry.


    For the cheapest games for delivery within Japan, I would probably have to go with amazon.co.jp. Online shopping/credit cards/etc. are not very popular in Japan, unfortunately. Personally, I like play-asia.com because it offers free shipping for addresses in Japan. I would recommend that site. People say NCSXshop.com is cheaper, but I've never ordered with them. Hope that helps and keep up the great work on the site!

  14. Hey. Saw you had a few posts in the Death Smiles board and noticed you were in Japan.


    Quick question- what is the price of games new over there? And whats the best shop to order them on- ie cheapest. Not worried about if the ship outside of Japan, would be delivered within Japan :). Thanks for any help!

  15. I think he's asking if it is accessible to anybody, since he can't read or understand Japanese. And to answer that, yes, this is one of the most accessible Japan-region games on the Xbox 360.
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