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  1. dont know if you bought it, but its on sale again. I think the sale is usually a week or so
  2. Yeah I just see Fallout at 28.1gb and my save data nothing else and no pending downloads if I go to the store, the season pass only shows as manage so my only guess is the season pass is no content right now (not even a place holder and thats why it doesnt show up)
  3. I bought it from Best Buy with the season pass and they gave me a code that I redeemed, but I cant see where to check that I have the season pass on my account
  4. but they have less tactile feel (imo) then the 360 controller, so being able to half hold it doesn't matter sense I don't get a good feedback from the trigger. Also the way the controller is cut for the trigger housing, when the trigger is fully depress you can feel the edge of the controller.
  5. is there a newer controller than the ones that came with them at launch? because the launch controller isnt anywhere near as good as the xbox 360. 360 feels more solid, better ergo on the triggers and the triggers actually have resistance to them
  6. so I have played all of the call of dutys, but I dont have any of these backgrounds. Is it only if you got to 10th prestige in the previous games even the ones that just say play mw3 or blops
  7. I did this when I hit first prestige, was it just a waste? and every time you prestige you get a permanent unlock right? so each time i could do custom class (instead of refund tokens), and a permanent unlock?
  8. ofay

    Xbox freezing issue

    So back up my saves before re downloading the update? Or just before reformatting? Also I planned on taking my hard drive to a friends and seeing if it worked on his older model Xbox. Of it doesn't work, obviously it's a problem with the hdd, but could it still be a problem with my Xbox as well? Just don't want to buy a new hdd and find out the box is bad as well
  9. So after the new dashboard update came out I started to have a problem with my modern warfare 2 xbox (250gb hd). When I would try to launch hulu, it would start to launch as normal, screen would go black and then after a min the console would freeze. Tried deleting the app and the update, clearing my cache, restarting my xbox. Still same problem, after multiple emails to hulu and xbox with ideas like reset my dns, change my gamer picture, and recover my profile. Both help desks came to the conclusion that the issue was with hardware on my xbox. It is out of warranty so I was told that it would be a 27$ charge to send it in to get fixed. Then black ops 2 came out, put the game in, it says there is an update, download it, launch the game, screen goes black and a min later guess what, xbox frozen. So I am a little annoyed at the least but I think to myself maybe if I take the hard drive off. So I do that, put a 1 gb flash drive on, redownload the dashboard to that, download the cod patch and BAM! Game runs. Now I haven’t tried hulu again, and in-between both these items failing I was able to download that happy tower defense game and play it. So I am thinking the problem is my hard drive, but does anyone know why, or have had this problem before, and know that replacing it will fix the problem. I just don’t understand why one game will run (it was the only one I tested) but not an app that worked before the update and a game that came out on Tuesday. I plan on trying to reformat my hard drive after I transfer all my saves, but I just don’t understand how the hard drive could be causing the problem. I really don’t want to spend 80$ on a hard drive to find out that still doesn’t fix the problem for some reason.
  10. I was hyped for this game, didn't live up to it. I think the first was far better. Won't be day one buy if they make a third
  11. It may not be the fastest way, but it's playing while I'm sleeping. So it's not using any of my time to boost
  12. The easiest way, let bots play while you sleep. Doesn't waste any of your time
  13. I didn't read past this because this statement proves your ignorance. Calling someone a n igger or a fag or any other derogatory term is never joking. Those words are used to keep people down and build a society that has a class system. Next time you see a random black guy, give him the argument you just gave me why it's ok to call him a n igger and let us know how that goes. And this started because you said you could use the word fag because you have a gay friend
  14. To everyone complaining about playing the 5000 matches, just leave it on arms race whole you sleep and soon enough you'll have the matches without ever going thru the trouble of playing them. Then you can get your cheevo and stop using the shitty excuse that one cheevo ruins the game So since I have black friends I can say n igger? You need to check your logic
  15. Anyone else having problems with awards not unlocking? I've killed probably 10 people with a knife during the pistol round, no award. Killed an enemy who ha killed 4 of my team mates(I think the whole thing took 15 secs) but didn't get the 15 sec award. And same with killing any enemy while both airborne Also I have 18 matches of arms race/demo but only 9 wins. Never lost a game tho
  16. For marksman do we know what guns aren't used in arms race?
  17. I'm surprised it took someone this long to figure this out. This is more save exploiting than duping. Duping you typically do on your own.
  18. I'm not very far in, [spoiler=£]i just activated the warden and have to chase him but I have to say that the first one had a better story and I liked that it was more linear. It feels like 2 just made everything bigger, so I have to travel further to do puzzles, nothing's harder it's just more time consuming. I like 2, but I think 1 just blew me away so much by what it was I set too high of a mark for the second one
  19. Has anyone put a fully upgraded possed weapon into a fresh possed weapon? Do all the stats carry over? Got some level 7 scythes that are fully upgraded but as I level regular weapons are doing more damage, wondering if all the stats with carry over if I sacrifice these
  20. Um one life, no thanks The death = save deleted was the deal breaker
  21. The fact that they didn't fix the shitty camera angles that lead to you missing jumps and dying, just like in the first one. It deserves a thread. Add in random freezing Love this game, but fix the freezing
  22. I'd assume if he didn't list any there aren't any. He's usually good at doing that
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