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    Just completed college and am looking for a full time job
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    I like weight lifting, watching movies and playing video games
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    Hopefully a social worker soon

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  1. Thanks for the help. I will look at this tread again when i start it up again. Right now I am engrossed in outward. After i need a break from that game I will get back into Sekirio.
  2. EASY? Are you serious? You know how long it takes to defeat emerald????? When i was a kid it took almost an hour for that one superboss alone. Thats with full knights of the round and Mirror with all party members. Ruby is easier but kicks out party members in battle. Granted this was before the age of internet and strategy guides. Not sure if there is secret im not aware off. Did something change in the 20 years since i last played it?
  3. I am awful at this game. Keep in mind I have got all the achievements in all darksouls games and even demon souls. Loved lords of the fallen and the surge too. Not enough to 1k both of them though. This game takes the cake with difficulty. I just cant get in the "groove" like dark souls. Timing feels so off. I cant even beat the first mini boss in the first area. Enemies just seem to do a stupid amount of damage and you do not. So I returned the game because of this. Then felt guilty and bought it back. Now I need to learn how to "git good" Any "practical" advice? I watched some youtube vids and they were not helpful.
  4. I was just about to post blood waves. Although I think 10 hour is pushing it as i beat it in much less time. Game is actually fun too. So bonus on that.
  5. Thanks for the friendly hello! I live on the pointer finger of the upper peninsula I am assuming you are a troll?
  6. I tend to like a large variety of games. The only games I refuse to play are sports games, racing games,platforming games and wrestling games. I did get the itch in December of last year. I received a gift card for xbox from a co worker and bought 5 easy achievements games. I got all 5k in achievements. Only took me 2 hours. Current games I am playing now RE2 Remake (finished Leon, just started Claire) COD (only the blackout mode) this is where I socialize with my friends. We get together for a few hours friday nights. Salt and Sanctuary SOA Fatal Bullet I tend to be on after 830 pm when the kids are asleep. Play for an hour then go to bed.
  7. Hello, Just realized that this is my 10th year (registered) on this board and I do not know if I actually introduced myself. I am in my mid thirties, married, two daughters and work as a social worker for people with mental health difficulties. I played video games religiously in high school and college. I got into achievement hunting because of my college roommate. He was really into it. My first year of college I played all day and all night and that year got around 100K. The next few years of college I slowed down and earned around 150k bringing me to 250k. When my roommate left, achievements were not as important. I have been out of college for roughly 10 years and since then i have only earned roughly 40k as i only play games I wanted to play. I also cannot picture playing games like space chimps, jumper or lost ever again. I rarely have free time and would rather play a game I enjoy. Most nights I play multiplayer games, earning no achievements. I use this time to hang out with my old friends and socialize. I did however just finish Valkaria Chronicles 4. Playing an hour hear and there. Terrific game. Nowadays I barely get any points. This is because of having 2 kids and a very demanding job. Last month I think I got like 95 points? I am hoping to hit 300k this year. My all time favorite games in no particular order Ogre Battle 64 (Nintendo 64) Dragon Warrior (NES) Destiny of an Emperor (NES) Halo 3 (Xbox 360) Ehrgeiz (PS1) Starcraft (PC) All the Dark Souls games So that sums me up.
  8. QBC AND QBU my ass! I still cant get the achievement for reviving a teammate and ive done it dozens of times! No achievements are working for me except the retroactive achievements!
  9. still not working for me either. Hopefully all my kills/progress will count retroactively.
  10. Still not unlocking for me as of 9/7/18. I received all the retroactive achievements but none of the new ones. I should of got the following. 10 top 10s 10 ten without killing someone the suppressor one wear enemies clothes and kill 4 enemies in one game All note unlocking or even showing progress.
  11. Yes, some arent working. I was disappointed that i was lucky enough to get 3 suppresses at once and the achievement didnt unlock.
  12. For some of the achievements at least. I haven't won a solo match since the game first came out but got the achievement for winning a solo match. It actually kept everything! Didn't realize i had 8 days on this game and 572 games. It didn't feel that long.
  13. I love the risen games. I was disappointed that it was not cheaper nor my local video store did not have it. Guess im going to have to wait for a long time.....
  14. Just bought the game today. Turns out it has a gamebreaking bug for some people. When i try to talk to people the game glitches and i do not have the option of backing out of the conversation as the GOODBYE button is greyed out. This has happened to every NPC i have tried. Searched up online and it was gamebreaking glitch on PC. If they havent fixed it now, i dont think they every will. Found a video on youtube on it. If you watch, when he talks to the NPC there is no dialogue or the option to back out. I have tried the wasteland forums and facebook page and they didnt even respond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGiYQJj6z8U
  15. appartently the imagies work if you right click and open on them....
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