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  1. Not sure if you are still looking for this information, but from Acepedia: http://acecombat.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_unlockables_in_Ace_Combat:_Assault_Horizon 87 Skill: GUN ENTHUSIAST Obtain 200 cumulative MG Points in each mission Does not include Red Moon, Spooky, Power Play, or Motherland Free Mission 88 Skill: UNTOUCHABLE Obtain an armor bonus in every mission Free Mission I think you need to complete a mission without taking damage to get the armor bonus, but since you get damaged as a storyline point in some missions, I'm not 100% sure.
  2. The full list of Unlockables is available at Acepedia: http://acecombat.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_unlockables_in_Ace_Combat:_Assault_Horizon As is the full list of all Skills: http://acecombat.wikia.com/wiki/Skills
  3. Play Time: 360:09:13 Start Up: 346 Total Cash: 63,854 Unlock Rate: 44.4% Single Play: 5664 Exhibition: 16 Finally cleared it!
  4. It would be even better if he was a hobo, with a shotgun: http://www.magnetreleasing.com/hobowithashotgun/
  5. For me it was Best Buy in Kanata, ON. No pre-order codes on separate cards. No stickers on the case...
  6. Interested in boosting all Online achievements. Have 2 xboxes, a dummy account and 2 copies of the game. Alcibiades PM, I've already PMed you. Send me a FR with SR1 in the message. GT: Excelion Prime
  7. Boosting for the Xzibitionist/Blinged Out Ride achievement: 1. BobSaget007 - EST 2. Trout Juice - MST 3. Matthias King - CST 4. Death CaineX - EST 5. KcazIsKewl - CST 6. Excelion Prime - EST If you want in, add your gamertag and time zone. This should be happening this Friday evening/night.
  8. Garrus: Bad Ass Miranda: Nice Ass Favorite characters: Garrus, Legion, Tali and Kasumi.
  9. Even more 'impressive'. All Ace Combat 6 acheevos in a single day....
  10. I'm interested in joining any Multiplayer boosting group. GT: Excelion Prime
  11. Before you get into the Saber fighter there is a marine kicking a dead Elite. Next to the dead Elite is a fully charged energy sword. Take this sword with you. After landing the Saber, you can easily kill the first Elite that comes up through the forcefield. You can also lunge at one of the Elites on the console platform while coming down through the forcefield. The Sword will be very handy in dispatching some of the other Elites in the immediate vicinity as well. Good luck. EDIT: Oh, Also take the Bubble Shield at the entrance to the launch base. The ability to regen health will save your life.
  12. Refer to the achievement trading thread to find a group. We still have room for 2 more.
  13. Refer to the achievement trading thread to find a group. We still have room for 2 more.
  14. 1. Kelorin GT: Excelion Prime; Time Zone: Eastern 2. Khurst GT: Khurst; Time Zone: Eastern 3. darren.greasley GT: Darren Greasley; Time Zone: BST (UK) 4. STurbo53 GT: STurbo53; Time Zone: Eastern 5. Dynamite Andy GT: Dynamite Andy; Time Zone: (UK) 6. Lonegl945 GT: Lonegl945; Time Zone: ? OK, The tenative list for tomorrow's first AC6 Siege Battle session is above. I contacted Kobius360 but won't have his copy of AC6 back for a couple of weeks. Hopefully he can join us then. I've messaged all of you on Xbox live. I recommend have a headset in good working order (charged up, no static) . I would also recommend downloading the free DLC Siege Battle mission from Marketplace. In testing the mission can be ended more quickly than the normal Siege battle, meaning more wins in the same amount of time. I will start sending out invites between 12 noon and 1 PM EST. If everyone shows up we will have 6 players. We can do 3 vs 3, or even 4 vs 2 or 5 vs 1 with a different player taking turns to be the short-handed team to boost wins even faster. I'd prefer to do at least some full 3 on 3 matches. No worries if you can't make it tomorrow. I intend to continue with these sessions weekly until everyone in the original group has their 100 Siege battle wins. Once that is out of the way, we can turn our attention to Battle Royales. See you all online tomorrow and good hunting gentlemen!
  15. Kelorin

    Your first 100%?

    My first 100% would Blazing Angels. Older arcadey WWII flight game. Only 7 achievements, but hard. Finishing a game by unlocking 2 achievements for 325 GS is pretty sweet though.
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