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  1. Get a bow with lots of arrows and pull mobs one at a time. If you hear a growl it means someone's spotted you and you should wait before attacking more. If you want a video guide check out EpicNameBro's videos on YouTube. I think it's vid 020 or so.
  2. Use the power attack sparingly if your worried bout durability. The shockwave attack drains 30 durability each use.
  3. Ditto. Thanks for the info - was wondering whether to bite on the DLC since I'm just throwing this on my backlog while i go back to Dragon Age 2 (and the 50 other games I have to play -_-)
  4. Looking for 1 more person for a Tag boosting session, we're all online right now. message me!
  5. I'm currently online now if anyone would like to work on Tag duels!
  6. Looking for a group to boost 100 Tag wins. I'm available any time after 630 pacific or any time on the weekends. Send me a message and we'll try to set it up!
  7. I have to agree with this. I got the hit counter to 180 without even knowing about the achievement or trying when I first picked it up. Plus it only takes less than a minute to get to
  8. Go to the shadow broker agent (the volus guy) instead of Harkin/clinic/CSec.
  9. I went ahead and bought the Gold/EP pack and I must say that being able to enhance everything without even making a dent in your resources is pretty fun
  10. Hey guys. I'm looking for the online achievements, especially the group sessions. Send me a message or friend request. I'm ALWAYS on (well more likely on than not)
  11. For Aerial Predator the key is really just to spam your homing shots, especially on the dozens of swarms in the caves. Also dont forget to blow up the trucks on the ground in the first half.
  12. In the game industry all promotional products/free games have the upc code hole-punched to differentiate them from retail stock. (also so ppl cant go to their local wal-mart to return games for full price - though ppl still do that anyway )
  13. Dragon Horde at the end of the undead area in the Elves/Werewolves area has a TON of gems like 5 of each.
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