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  1. I recently aquired a copy of this game and now have a Catwoman DLC code I don't need. Anyone want it?
  2. In had some problems with acheivements too. It seems to be an issue with suspending the game and going back into it. The problem seems to go away if you start the game fresh (highlighting the game on the dashboard, hitting the menu button and selecting close). I haven't had any issues sinse I began starting the game this way each time I play.
  3. I recently got Halo 5 and want to get into the multiplayer. I've been away from Halo for quite awhile and don't know where to start with some of the new features. I got a whole bunch of REQ Packs and don't know anything about how to use them or the strategy behind them. Can someone give me a quick rundown on how I should use these? Or point me to a good resource? Any other background or tips would also be appreciated! Thanks!!! GT: GeekyToM
  4. There are two outcomes for the end of the Angel in the Dark achievement (fight or leave). Does the outcome matter for the Knightfall/ complete ending?
  5. The disrupter is in the GDPC evidence room behind breakable glass.
  6. Just hit the select button and a globe will come up with all of the levels. from here select the one you want and you will get the option to select story or free play.
  7. I had an issue with saving, but it was because I had the game installed on an external hard drive. Once moved the game install to the internal hard drive the save issue went away. I even got my saved game back.
  8. I had a similar issue with LEGO Batman 3. Turned out the game wouldn't find the save file on an external hard drive. Once I moved the game and files over, it found my save file. Are any of you running off of an external hard drive? I just downloaded the game and decided to check the forums before I started playing.
  9. I also had isssues with loading a saved game. I believe it had to do with installing the game on an external hard drive. I was able to fix this by going into the system settings and transfering the install to the internal hard drive. Then I made sure the game was closed and then started it up again. The game then recognized that there was a saved file and I was able to keep playing from where I left off. Hope this helps
  10. Had the same issue, but after transfering the game files from the external to internal harddrive, then manually closed and restarted the game it loaded up my existing save file without issue.
  11. Once you are a few missions into the game, you find a bunch of college kids hanging out in a children's restaurant. Here (and then at the main base) you will find a woman that will sell you new clothes. While talking with her you will also have the option to change everything about your appearance.
  12. I was able to get this too. I used a single chest with every space filled with a stack of 64 cobblestone. On a side note another person joined my game and was able to get the achievement by me taking one stack out of the chest and them putting another in.
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