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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking?

  2. gay



  3. you banned or some shit

  4. yh defo;););););)

  5. smell me me me me me

  6. Thank ya kindly. Need to give me your username so I can add ya.

  7. Checking out my page? :blunt You know any sites where I can track what comics I've read like MAL? Somewhat remember you having a link to a comic one in your signature years ago possibly.

  8. http://40.media.tumblr.com/48317f83704e543cdc892fa90abd444a/tumblr_mzb5kqyYgT1sqeqyfo2_500.png



  9. lololololol whoops!

  10. only you smell so divine. everyone else is a cheap imitation :*

  11. missed your scent

  12. uguu~~



  13. You're in my top 5 members :3333333

  14. Yeah, it looks pretty solid. SMB is pretty fucking tough, so I can keep working through it and see if there's anything else I could ass but from here the guide looks fine. Probably just not been submitted.

  15. No bother. Working on it right now. So what's wrong with the current guide?

  16. Changed my motto. SIGN ME UP!

  17. yeye lets fuck 'em up casually

  18. shiieeeet



  19. Hopefully. Nobody has taken my invitation to heart, yet.

  20. Is Super Meat Boy another title available for an updated guide? It's in the list, but I noticed there's no Greenbook bit for it.

  21. [sweats sweats]

  22. http://4nabs.com/upload/local/Watamote_fan_art_anime_Kuroki_Tomoko_NTTKyoLCBH.png


    Can you even imagine?

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